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Six advantages of buying an older home

If you are house hunting, you may wonder whether there are benefits to buying an older property. The often minimalist approach of modern architecture and building styles has its attractions, but there are many beautiful features to be found in mature homes that have stood the test of time.

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1. Treasures of the past

The older property often has delightful period features from the era in which it was built; for example, they may still have architraves cornices, sash windows, and original tiled or wood flooring. If you are not sure that period features have much appeal, you may be interested to know that some people have built their entire lifestyle around the glories of an earlier era.

2. Established neighbourhood

An older home will often be part of an established residential neighbourhood; as such, you are more likely to find lovely tree-lined streets, community gatherings and enjoyable local activities, such as street markets and events in local parks.

3. Room proportions

New homes tend to focus on cramming as many small rooms into one property as possible, whereas older homes will often be built on more generous lines with more room to breathe.

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4. Negotiating power (price)

Buying brand new homes or properties off-plan may not leave much room to negotiate. With an older and more established property, you have a lot more potential for negotiating an advantageous deal.

5. Negotiating power (fixtures and fittings)

This negotiating power can also translate into arranging to buy white goods or large furniture items from the current owners, which can save you a great deal of money – not to mention the time and energy expended by both parties when moving and sourcing furniture. If the current owners have some lovely pieces that look great, it might be to everyone’s advantage to sell them with the property for a good price.

6. Gardens

Gardens are another important feature of the older home, as shrubs and trees will be mature and there is probably a lot more space in which to enjoy them. Another advantage of this extra space can be the opportunity to extend the property if extra space is needed.

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Apart from these six advantages, many older homes were built in an age in which real pride was taken in doing great work, so they were constructed to last for centuries.

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