Your Dream House


Preparing a Plot of Land to Build a House on

If you have recently purchased your own plot of land with the intention of building your own dream home on it, then you are probably raring to go! But the first thing that must happen before any building work begins, is the preparation of the land ready for it to be built on.  Often when buying the land, you will have had a land survey done so you will not have any nasty surprises or find that something very costly and unplanned for needs doing!

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The first thing that needs to be done is to ensure that the land is connected to facilities – things like sewage, water, gas and electricity all may need to be added to the land to ensure that you will have a house with running water and working lights, and also so that the builders can work there as they will need power and water on the site.

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It is also important that if the land has been contaminated previously that it is treated by a professional such as this Contaminated Land Remediation company soilfix.co.uk. Some examples of land that is contaminated include land which was once used as a factory or a petrol station, or land that has something dangerous in the soil such as asbestos.

Once this is done it is time to contact a builder who will be able to make a start to laying the foundations for your new home!

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