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Batch cooking to save time

We all lead extremely busy and hectic lives these days. It seems like there is no time to just sit and do nothing for a while before we have to dash off to work or family commitments. The increasing use of takeaways and microwave meals have meant an increase in the nation’s waistline and as other costs start to hit these options start to look pretty expensive. What can you do to help save time and money when it comes to food prep and meal times? The answer is relatively simple, switch to batch cooking.

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If you have an Integrated Fridge Freezer, like the ones from https://www.wellingtonshomeelectrical.co.uk/refrigeration/fridge-freezers/integrated-built-in.html, and a slow cooker you can easily make and prep a week of meals, with room for the occasional treat. Batch cooking is all about hearty meals that involve good rich gravies and sauces, so perfect for this time of the year.

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All that you have to do is make a good stew or casserole and leave it to slow cook over a 6 to 9 hour period. If you’re out for the day it can be ready for when you all get in. However, you could cook it and then store it in tubs to be microwaved at a later date. Basically, you;ve made your own microwave meal except tastier, healthier and cheaper too.

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