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What Maintenance Does a Park Home Require?

Park homes require little maintenance. If treated well, a park home can last for between 70 and 80 years! However, you should check your park home for signs of deterioration, especially the windows. If you see any cracks, you should repair them as soon as possible. Additionally, you should clean your park home’s exterior walls by hand, as power washing will damage them. You should also consider applying a new coat of paint to enhance its weather-resistant properties.

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When you buy a new park home, structural maintenance is not required for the first ten years. However, you may need to repaint it occasionally. Apart from that, safety inspections are essential. Every park home should go through gas and electrical checks. An electrician should also come and perform PAT tests on all the electrical appliances to ensure they are working properly and safe. Safety certificates are important as many parks will require you to have them. For Gloucester Park Homes, visit a company like Park Home Life, providers of excellent Gloucester Park Homes

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Apart from being low-maintenance, park homes also come with lower running costs compared to traditional brick and mortar properties. For example, they have the lowest council tax and are sold fully furnished. They are also energy efficient and insulated well to be cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. They have spacious outdoor areas for gardening. Most park homes also last a lifetime with proper maintenance. With the proper care, a park home can last for over seventy years, depending on its location.

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