How is over irrigation damaging to soil

How is over irrigation damaging to soil?

Over irrigation is a common agricultural practice in many parts of the world. The practice involves applying too much water to soil, which leads to problems like: poor plant health, poor yield and reduced sustainability….

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How to light a garden

How to light a garden?

Blessed are those who can afford it. We are obviously talking about the home garden, a space that is always able to fully and exclusively enhance any type of home, be it small or large….

How to grow lettuce?

How to grow lettuce?

If you are a beginner in horticulture, you have to know that growing lettuce is the easiest to start in this world, although not the most. But you must read this article to learn how…

Help For Horticulture

Help For Horticulture That Anyone Can Use

Organic horticulture can really be an intelligent move for having a healthier diet. You will have to put in some time and energy to be successful in this venture, however. You probably have many questions…

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How to get rid of dandelions

How to get rid of dandelions? Although you can make a delicious salad with them and it has varied medicinal properties, the dandelion plant is considered as a weed in almost every garden.

plant in a pot

How to plant in a pot

If you want to keep your plants in a healthy pot, this is your post, we teach you how to plant in a pot and we give you some tips. There are many factors to…