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Although garage doors are very durable, there will come a point in time that they will either require repair or replacement. If looking to make repairs, these can be easily carried out by a competent DIY enthusiast, the original door supplier or a qualified garage door engineer.

Although repairing the garage doors may sound like a cost effective solution to start with, the labour intensive nature of the works can mean that it is often far easier and more convenient to simply replace them with new ones.


 Look Of Your HomeWhen looking to replace the existing garage doors, as with any major purchase, be sure to take a moment to think about the very best options. Modern garage doors are available in such a wide range of designs and offer a whole host of features that were not available at the time the existing door was installed.

From insulated roller garage doors and sectional garage doors that offer a thermally efficient barrier to the elements to simple side hinged wooden garage doors, there is sure to be a door type suitable for almost all applications and tastes.

Whilst cost is obviously going to play a major part in influencing the type of garage doors to install; the design element should not be overlooked. There is no point making an expensive investment for it to not suit the style of property you own. An appropriate garage door design will complement the existing architectural styling of the home. One example of this is where arched windows are present. For this type of property, an arched garage door design or even arched windows incorporated into the design of the door will look really good. Likewise, contemporary home is going to be far better suited to a door that has clean lines like smooth panelled sectional garage doors or roller garage doors.

Another factor to consider is the usability of the doors. Should you home only have a short driveway, then the installation of vertically opening doors such as garage roller doors or sectional door will be really beneficial. This is because the car can be parked very close to the door panel and access to the inside of the building can still be achieved.

Where space is unlimited, then the installation of side hinged garage doors may be far more beneficial to the homeowner as only half the door needs to be opened to allow pedestrian access into the building.

One final consideration is the method of opening the door. Should the garage only be used for occasional access, manual doors are usually more than adequate. For more convenience or where the garage space will be used on a daily basis, the installation of remote control electric garage doors will be the sensible option.

Regardless of the type of garage door operating system you decide to go for, the installation of the new door will instantly transform the look of your home. With an increase in kerb appeal and a potential rise in the value of your home through what is for many people an affordable investment, it is obvious to see why installing a new garage doors will be really beneficial to your home.