What Is Exterior Lighting Called?

How to light a garden

If you’re wondering, “What is exterior lighting called?” there are many different kinds to choose from. This article will discuss different types of Outdoor lighting, such as hardscape lights, sconces, and pendants. We’ll also discuss floodlights, which provide a large area with light. Floodlights are standard in our everyday lives and can be seen in parking lots, stadiums, and outdoor performance centers. Floodlights provide excellent visibility and safety and can be used to maximize security.

Outdoor pendants

Outdoor pendant lights are an excellent way to illuminate your garden, patio, or other exterior space. Several outdoor pendant lights are available, including sphere pendant lights, which are great for adding fashion to your exterior space. In addition, Moravian star pendant lights are an incredibly charming way to illuminate the night sky, and rustic pendant lights can give your exterior space a farmhouse feel. One unique, small portable pendant light is the Garota from Bover, which looks like a floating sea urchin.

Cables, wires, or stems may also hang pendants. Chain hanging methods are the most common and versatile, and stem hanging methods are a more sophisticated option. However, when hanging by cable or wire, keep in mind that you’ll need to add a length of at least seven feet. Also, make sure that the length of your exterior lighting Tampa fixture will match the height of your outdoor space to avoid tripping hazards.

Outdoor sconces

When paired with other outdoor lighting fixtures, outdoor sconces can add a sophisticated touch to your home. These fixtures are typically wall-mounted and come in various designs to suit your home’s decor and style. In addition, these fixtures provide accent lighting, ambient lighting, and task lighting, depending on what you want to accomplish. Listed below are the most popular styles of outdoor sconces.

To determine which style will suit your home best, choose the type that will enhance the overall look of your exterior. Barn lights, outdoor sconces, and other decorative fixtures can be found with a classic, colonial or transitional feel. Choose a light with a light fixture in a nautical or coastal style to create a nautical or coastal look. For example, barn lights can be used with coastal-themed decorations. If you’re looking for nautical-themed outdoor lighting, choose a white finish to turn an ordinary wall light into a coastal-inspired light.

Outdoor wall lights

There are several different types of exterior lighting. One of the most common types is ceiling mount. These lights attach to the ceiling of a house and cast light upwards. They can be either flush or semi-flush. They can also be placed near outdoor stairs. The purpose of each type of lighting is determined by where you will remember it. Ceiling mounts are best for areas such as the entryway and near walkways.

Exterior wall lighting is generally low-voltage and moderately bright. It is usually used to light recessed areas and improve navigation. Outdoor wall lights can be mounted on any vertical surface, such as a fence, wall, pergola, or stairway. Wall-mounted exterior lights are also a popular type of lighting. They can be installed in various locations, including sunken seating areas, stairwells, and low-lying areas.

Hardscape lights

One popular type of hardscape light is the paver light, typically mounted on the wall while pavers are being installed. This type of outdoor light is durable and features a removable light lens. These lights are installed in driveways, walkways, and pool decks. They can be mounted under the lip of a wall or handrail. They are ideal for landscape lighting as they give the area a warm, even glow.

Hardscape lighting can highlight a favorite feature outside the home or garden, create ambiance, and provide safe walking paths. It can also draw attention to special water features. Regardless of the purpose, hardscape lighting can make a home’s exterior look beautiful and give it an extra layer of security. In addition to the beauty and safety benefits, these lights require quality construction and are built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Hardscape lighting fixtures can be installed along a driveway, patio, or archway to highlight a particular feature.

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