Benefits and drawbacks of Norton Antivirus

There are many advantages and disadvantages of Norton antivirus. The primary disadvantage is certainly its selling price, which is a bit excessive compared to different protection programs. In addition , Norton has a lot of system memory, which makes it a a lot less popular choice than a large number of free alternatives. The additional disadvantage is that it does not diagnostic scan the system very quickly, and can be somewhat slow sometimes. However , for anyone who is willing to pay reduced for a top rated antivirus solution, then you will need to probably try Norton.

The advantages of Norton antivirus happen to be largely outweighed by the drawbacks. While it has many advantages, it is not without its drawbacks. For example , it uses a whole lot of storage, which can considerably slow down a pc. Also, older versions of Norton may suffer right from a resource concern. Despite these drawbacks, the main advantage of Norton is definitely its ability to scan and prevent malware, making it the premier anti-virus in the world.

An additional benefit of Norton antivirus is the fact it has a good reputation. The application has many positive features, which includes rapid protection, expanded protection services, and support and recovery. The downside is that Norton can make your personal computer slower, and it uses a lot of ram. If you use Norton on your PC, you should make sure you have enough RAM for the program. In addition to that, it has a number of restrictions on how much info it can detect, which is the biggest drawbacks.