How To Keep Your Roof in Tip Top Shape

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Keeping your roof in great shape is vital to ensuring your home stays in good shape. When you ignore your roof, issues can accumulate over time and may turn into catastrophic disasters. Knowing what to look for and how to prevent problems is critical in keeping your roof healthy. Here are some things you can do to help keep your roof in good condition.

Remove Debris

When you see debris sitting on your roof, you want to get it off as soon as possible, especially if you have a home with flat roof construction St Louis County MO. When tree branches and leaves sit on the roof, they allow water to accumulate and seep into the roofing system. The water can get under the shingles and protective layers and cause the roof sheathing to start to rot. Even a small amount of water can do a tremendous amount of damage, so you want to do your best to avoid letting debris stay on the roof.

Clean the Gutters

Water is a roof’s worst nightmare. While you have multiple layers to protect your roof from rainwater, if you don’t have clean gutters, you could be causing trouble for your roof. When your gutters are full of pine needles, leaves, and tree branches, then there isn’t anywhere for the water to go, except for up and over the gutter. When this happens, the water will get onto the fascia board behind the gutter and might be able to make its way under the shingles. This potential damage is entirely avoidable by making sure your gutters are kept clean. The rule of thumb is to clean them twice a year, and after every big windstorm you have that might have blown debris into them.

Trim Your Trees

If you have trees that are extremely close to or are touching your home, then you’ll want to cut them back. A big storm could cause the branches to break off, and they could fall onto your home. You’ll also find that keeping your trees trimmed back helps keep debris off your roof.

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