What is a truss and how is it used?

An oak truss is a beautiful piece of architecture and an example of skilful engineering methods. The strength of a roof truss lies in its shape – the triangle being the strongest shape in terms of load bearing. They silently support buildings right across the country but can also be a stunning focal point too. You will have seen trusses when up in your loft or if you’ve ever seen a house being built. But how did they come to be, how are they used and what are the different types?

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A brief history of the truss – The word truss comes from the French ‘trousse’ which means a group of things bound together. The word first appeared at around the start of the 13th century. Trusses are primarily to support the roof of a structure and to bridge a space above a room. They became more popular during the Middle Ages and replaced the previous use of rafters. Rafters suffered from collapse due to a lack of longitudinal support but the benefit of trusses is the strength of the triangle shape which distributes the weight to the exterior walls.

The strength of the truss system lies in its triangular shape as the triangle is the toughest of load bearing shapes. The most basic form is a single triangle forming the frame of a roof with rafters and a ceiling joist. The same type of truss can also be seen in airplanes and bicycles.

Trusses are simple but highly effective and actually come in a wide variety of different configurations. The most common forms are the king post, queen post and collared shaped trusses. A king truss comprises the standard triangle shape with a central vertical post that runs up through the middle. A queen truss features two vertical posts and is best used in a wide span roof. A collared truss features a tie beam high up in the rafters which provides more head room.

When renovated a property, trusses can be made to order to enhance the beauty of both modern and period homes or outbuildings. For more information on Oak Trusses, go to a site like https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-trusses/

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Oak is an ideal material to use for an interior, whether that’s stunning exposed beams or a coffee table. Oak is perfect for bigger design projects as it is highly durable, will last for countless decades and is aesthetically pleasing. Oak works equally well in both contemporary and traditional interiors and its hue blends in easily with any kind of decor colouring. Oak provides a real wow factor for any type of property.

As oak is a living material, it will bring a beautiful warmth to a home and make people want to touch it. Oak beams can help to create a welcoming, natural feel to an interior that simply cannot be replicated by any other material.

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