Garage parking assist mounting tricks

Garage parking assist

The car is a very useful means of transport and hardly anyone can do without it these days. This is especially true for those who live in a neighborhood that is poorly served by public transport. The garage parking assist is essential in this situation. However, even if the car is very useful, it has the defect of needing a parking space for the night and the moments in which it is not used.

Often finding a parking space is a real problem: especially in crowded cities, finding a place to park your car auto becomes a real business. In some cases, it is not at all comfortable even to park in your own home: when the garage is narrow, it is often necessary to enter it very slowly to avoid hitting the walls or to carry out various maneuvers. very uncomfortable to position yourself in the correct way, or finally to move objects or other means of transport present to make room for the car.

How to set up garage parking assist?

First of all it is strictly necessary to organize all the work from a metric point of view: carefully calculate the length, width and depth of the garage, as well as its height, in case you want to install an elevated parking system, which allows you to park two cars, one on top of the other, creating a sort of mezzanine: a great convenience for sure!

At this point, with the advice of an expert on the subject, choose the parking system that best suits your garage and your needs: in principle, you will have to choose between a straight type, which will drag the car back and forth ( preferable in a garage that develops mainly in length), or a raised type, which instead will raise the


At this point, you have to move on to the practical part of the work: equip yourself with the dowels of the parking system to be applied to the floor, drill them in the right places to be able to insert them (the positioning must always be proportionate to the measures of the garage and the car) and apply them to the ground.

Of course, you will need all the tools appropriate to the type of work and possibly the assurance from a construction engineer as to the stability of the foundations in the case of this type of work. I advise you to rely on a serious professional since this part of the work is quite delicate: in fact, some fragile foundations could compromise the success of the work.


Once you have drilled the appropriate holes in the floor and inserted the dowels, you will have to fix them with their screws present in the packaging of the parking system purchased. If the garage is not flat, as very often happens, it may be useful to level the floor using drapery to be applied to the ground, possibly helping you with a level to be more precise. In this case, properly fix the drapery and insert the dowels of the parking system on it. To finish the job, electrically connect the plugs to a 220 volts socket.

Now you just have to place the front wheels on the blocks, press on the remote control and wait for the car to be automatically positioned in the predetermined place. If you want to perform an even more accurate job, I recommend that you purchase the appropriate sound and visual alarm that indicates when you are near the wall, so as not to rub your car. The alarm is very practical to assemble as you just need simple double-sided tape.

Before gluing the alarm it is good practice to clean the wall with a degreasing detergent. This way you can ensure a long-lasting hold on the double-sided adhesive tape, saving you some money. If you want to save a few dollars you can buy the garage parking assist system on the internet.