How to dismantle a sofa

how to dismantle a sofa

The operations of cleaning our house can be complicated, especially when we must concentrate on certain sensitive areas of our house. For this reason, it is of fundamental importance to take the right precautions to avoid possible damage to our furniture. Among the most delicate elements and most subject to damage during cleaning procedures, we undoubtedly find sofas and armchairs, which are often made with materials that can be damaged in contact with certain detergents. The purpose of this guide is mainly focused on the stain removal of these elements. So let’s see how to dismantle a sofa in a very simple and, above all, very effective way.

How to dismantle a sofa?

how to dismantle a sofa

You will need:

Skimmed milk
Microfiber cloth
Dry foam

Read the label

Before cleaning sofas and armchairs, we must always check for labels that indicate the recommended cleaning method. The universal code for cleaning these items requires the use of the letter “S” (solvent) and “W” (water), while some labels may say “SW” (solvent and/or water). If we cannot find the label, it is always good to get advice from the shopkeeper where we bought the sofa or armchair, because different materials require a different cleaning solution, even if cleaning these dry furnishings has become the cleaning solution. It is preferred by most of those who have fabric sofa and armchairs.

Remove fabric from sofa or armchairs

Sofas with fabric upholstery are, by their nature, much easier to remove stains than those in leather, hide or suede. Ballpoint stains can be removed with a cloth moistened with water and ammonia; if the fabric is very delicate, it is preferable to use a soap paste and petrol to brush once the stain has dried. In the case of alcoholic beverage stains, absorb as much of the liquid as possible with the absorbent paper, leaving it for a few seconds on the offending part, then wipe with a cloth soaked in white vinegar and alcohol.

Remove the stain from leather sofa or armchairs

If the sofa or armchair is made of leather, skim milk can be used for the pen stains; for food stains, cleansing milk with a pinch of ammonia is indicated instead or it is useful to let Marseille soap act for a few minutes by rinsing with a damp microfibre cloth. Finally, alcoholic beverages absorb the liquid and then wipe with a sponge moistened with warm water and soap.

Remove the stain from the velvet sofa or armchairs

The most difficult sofa to remove stains is certainly the velvet one, as by its nature, it is rather resistant to water. For its ordinary cleaning, it is necessary to use a dry foam or a slightly damp brush or, even better, a micro-fiber cloth. For ballpoint pen stains, sprinkle on the affected part of the kitchen salt and brush it off after half an hour; for drinks (including coffee), use a mixture of alcohol and lemon or rub with a slice of lemon and fine salt. Also, for food stains, always use salt, dissolved in a basin of water; once dry, sprinkle with talcum powder, allow a few hours to pass and dry with a vacuum cleaner if possible.