how to fix a squeaky bed

how to fix a squeaky bed

The bed is one of the most essential objects in the house. Having a comfortable bed means having a place where you can rest and be comfortable during the afternoon or night hours. Even if new, many beds can have minor problems, and that is why, to avoid being uncomfortable and hearing annoying noises, it is essential to provide immediate accommodation. In this specific guide, we will show you how to fix a squeaky bed in such a way as to completely and permanently eliminate the annoying noise. If you want to find out how to act, read these steps.

How to fix a squeaky bed?

how to fix a squeaky bed

There are many causes your bed can make noise. If you want to avoid problems with the mattress, choose it with features that give it a superior quality. The first thing to think about to prevent this problem is to buy a bed of extreme quality. Poor beds are certainly synonymous with low quality and in most cases, they can emit very annoying continuous squeaks as soon as someone lies down on them. Buying quality beds also means avoiding this problem and means buying products with fairly resistant and sturdy wooden slats. In most cases, the squeaky of a bed can come in most cases from the low quality of the bed slats. The very strong and very thick slats usually do not emit any squeak.

Check the slats

Today’s bedsheets usually carry a special protective treatment, so they don’t suffer from moisture, for example. The slats of the bed bases of years ago did not bear these treatments, which is why they are more easily damaged and cause instability and noise. Also, this bad condition can affect your mattress, which needs good support. To eliminate this problem, you must immediately check if the slats of your bed base rub together. The rubbing of the slats certainly causes an annoying squeak. You will also have to check if the slats are exactly inserted in their sliders and, if necessary, you will have to reinsert them in their appropriate slots. You can also apply some grease on the inside of the slats, to prevent them from rubbing with other parts of the network, and emit annoying noises. Always avoid applying oil, but try to apply a few very thin layers of grease without staining the mattress.

Check the screws

You will always have to proceed with an arrangement of your bed’s base, removing the mattress and evaluating the point where your bed emits a squeak. It is often possible that screws can be screwed in the wrong way, which is why you will necessarily have to check every part of the network. Tighten all metal connectors and repair your bed frame to eliminate noise. Once these small details are fixed, your bed will be silent again. Choose the legs of the size that matches your bed base and make sure they are secure from the first moment. Review your feet over time. In case the legs are new and of adequate size, it could be a fitting problem. If they are dated, it is convenient to change them to new ones.