5 tips for pool maintenance

We are all looking forward to summer with the heat to enjoy the afternoons at the pool. But we must not forget about pool maintenance before.

If we want our pools to be in perfect condition for the arrival of heat, we must take into account a series of tips.


It is important for several reasons, but all lead to the same conclusion. Pool maintenance work is essential so that when the heat comes we can enjoy a refreshing bath without problems.

Maintenance lasts all year

It is not enough just to clean the pool a week before we want to use it. To have the pool in the best conditions we must take care of it throughout the year. Whether we leave it full or empty, we will have to be careful with the “life” that can be generated. We talk about microbes that can develop in the water or animals that can sneak inside and make a home on the floor of our pool.

Take care of the pH of the water

You will need the help of chemicals to maintain the pH of the water between the recommended values. This is one of the most dangerous tasks of pool maintenance, so it is usually left to professionals. In TC Maintenance we offer you a complete pool maintenance service that includes pH control.

Chlorine is very important

It will help you keep the water in your pool at bay. For pool maintenance is essential the use of chlorine, as it will be in charge of keeping your pool clean and clear water. It is a task that must be controlled every few days, but in TC Maintenance we offer the service of our lifeguards, who are specialists in the control of chlorine levels.

Use a cleaner

There are both manual and automatic robots. The choice already depends on the needs of each one. But its use will be essential to keep the bottom of your pool impeccable.

The treatment plant is your biggest ally

You have to check your correct functioning every little time, the purifier is the lung of the pool, so it is an essential part of the maintenance of swimming pools.

Trust the best

If you want the maintenance of your pool to be in the best hands you must have some real professionals. In TC Maintenance we offer you a budget without commitment. Get in touch with us and surprise yourself with everything we can offer you.