Keep your Bathtub Clean

Keep your Bathtub Clean

Installing a bathtub is not an easy job. It requires lots of effort and time as well. So, if you have bought a nicely-designed bathtub for your wash room, make sure you have also appointed a person, who is good at bathtub installing. However, installing your bathtub should not be the end of your job. After getting the bathtub fitted in your bathroom, you should give importance to your bathtub washing. Since nowadays we always remain busy with our office work, it has become almost difficult for us to take care of all these household issues. But maintaining hygiene in the bathroom is almost a necessity. So, in your home cleaning task list, you should definitely include bathtub cleaning.

Now, if you are getting confused about how to clean a bathtub, you can go through the points below:

  • Give an extra attention to the stained area and when needed use sponge or scrubbing brush. Thereafter rinse that whole area softly and see the effect.
  • Using hot water also proves to be useful. But do not use extremely hot water. This is because; too much heated water can be harmful for your tub.
  • Nowadays, most of the people are also seen to use dish washing soap. You should mix this soap with water and should apply it on the tub. However, for getting the best result you are advised to leave it overnight.
  • Sometimes vinegar is also being used for the purpose of bathtub cleaning. It is applied on the tub and then the mixture of vinegar and hot water needs to be removed after a gentle scrubbing.

Other than these, some other things that can be used for cleaning a bathtub are shaving cream, oven cleaner and of course tub washing soap.

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