How to design a home office

How to design a home office

Before this confinement, I had not considered the value of having a comfortable home office. So today I am going to leave you with some ideas on how to design an office at home, so you can get the most out of it.

We know that with just a table or even an open plank placed on some wall or corner, we can make ourselves a working corner at home even by closing the balcony.

But what about comfort?

Working more outside than inside the house, he did not give so much importance to it, since he did not spend so many hours sitting facing the computer.

Therefore, my home office became acute and inspiring corner to work in, for just a couple of hours.

But with this new scenario, where many like me, you have been forced to telework from home, for a full day of 8 hours or more, without stopping, because things change.

So now, in addition to having a beautiful and inspiring working corner, comfort is a very important point that has to be valued, now more than ever.

How to design a home office to work well comfortableHow to design a home office

From here I will leave you with some valuable tips so that you can create your comfortable office at home.

Are you ready? Well, there they go …

1. The importance of a good ergonomic office chairHow to design a home office

After so many days sitting in a wooden chair of wood that I have in my dining room, my kidneys and back, are already suffering.

Back in the day, I thought that one of the chairs at the dining room table would be enough to work well in specific moments with the computer since I have a working corner in this space of the house.

But in this new, continuous employment situation, I am realizing the importance of office chairs.

2. Do you feel comfortable in your office at home?How to design a home office

To do this you should see if, in addition to having a good and comfortable office chair, you also have the computer screen at eye level, to avoid future neck discomfort.

Another great point to contemplate would be if you have good and optimal lighting in your work area. Whether due to the proximity of a window and its natural light or some points of light close to that work area, to locate the correct lamps to work well.

3. Colors that help concentrationHow to design a home office

There are colors that help you focus more than others. For example, the colors belonging to the metal element, according to the natural science of feng shui, greatly help concentration.

These metal colors can go from the purest white to greyish color, regardless of whether it is a very soft or quite atonality.

4. How to orient the office tableHow to design a home office

For greater concentration and following the guidelines of feng shui it is better to work facing the wall if what you want is to achieve maximum concentration.

On the contrary, if what you want is to feel safer / or doing your job, it is better to do it with your back protected by the wall and having a free view of the entire space, including the entrance door.

5. Order in the home office

To create a functional and inspiring environment, the order is essential, so that you do not feel overwhelmed.

For this, it would be advisable to have some bookshelves or shelves on the wall to be able to store your files, papers, and others there, without them being on the work table and in plain sight.

Another trick to be able to work well and in order, without being overwhelmed / or with the papers that come home, would be to leave you a nice box that goes with the decoration of the office, to temporarily store that paperwork there.

Then when you have finished the most relevant work, you can spend some time putting each paper in its place. Without the clutter catching your attention and distracting you from your main job.

6. Vital decoration

Fill yourself with vitality and creative energy with inspiring elements for your soul. Create a little corner, either with natural flowers and plants, or with a painting or decorative element that transmits that positive energy to you.

So you can get away a little and rest your eyes for a moment on the computer screen.

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