7 common mistakes in home lighting

When determining the degree of habitability of a home, factors such as space, distribution, facilities, the area where the home is located are taken into account.

Among all these factors, there is one factor that is just as important as the rest, but which is not usually paid much attention. This factor is that of light.

When choosing the lighting in our home (by this we mean artificial light, since natural light will depend on the distribution of windows and balconies in the home), we usually make several mistakes that should be avoided.

7 common mistakes in home lighting and how to avoid them

1.- Depend on a single light sourcecommon mistakes in home lighting

The key to good lighting in the house is to segment the light by different heights.
“Don’t depend on a single light source. Instead, try to combine low beams (lamps, goosenecks, table lights …) with high beams (ceiling lights or just above our heads) ”says Alan Tanksley. “The houses full of warm light attract people and promote intimacy.”

2.- Use “ceiling light” with too much intensity

“There is nothing worse than a bright light that makes you feel like you are on stage,” says Barclay Butera. Barclay recommends using dimmers or soft white bulbs in all rooms (including the bathroom).

3.-Do not think about Wattscommon mistakes in home lighting

The more options we have in lighting, the better we can adapt our environment for the occasion:
For dinner, we need enough light but not intense, so 60 watts of power is more than enough for the dining room.
To read we will need higher light intensity so 75-100 watts for the living room would be nice.
The bathroom needs ceiling and side lighting. Keep the power of the overhead light at 75 watts and the sidelight at 60 watts.

4.- Abuse of recessed lighting

The recessed lighting must be used with caution since if we go over our ceiling it will end up looking like a Gruyère cheese.
As for the type of light, it is too intense and flat for the living areas of the house, so just place them in places such as the bathroom or the gallery.

5.- Forget about light regulatorscommon mistakes in home lighting

“Light is everything. Light creates ambiance, drama, and intrigue in a room. The easiest way to achieve this type of intriguing environment, or drama (depending on what we want to project), is by using dimmers. ” Martin Lawrence says.

6.- Light switches in wrong places

The light switches are placed at an average height of 90 cm above the ground (as a general rule). In this way, they do not intermingle with the art of our walls and other accessories that we may have exposed on the wall. They are also placed 5 centimeters (approximately) from the door frame for the same reason.

7.- Forget about the wardrobe

Your wardrobe also needs your attention. In the morning when there is still not much natural light, it is difficult to distinguish the different items of clothing (especially those of the same color). A recessed light in the wardrobe helps to distinguish the different items of clothing much more easily, and therefore, will help us save time and dress better.

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