Proper Filter Will Keep Spa Water Clean

Proper Filter Will Keep Spa Water Clean

Filters are essential for any spa. But people almost do not care about it until and unless spa water is clogged with dirt and repetitive cleanings are ineffective. You do not need to clean the tub so often with a proper filter. Filters keep dirt and sediments away. Spa circulates entire water through filter and contaminates are trapped in these filters. But for better result you should replace these filters every year or two.

There are various types of systems available in market. But before you purchase one ensure that the system is durable and with it you can enjoy your spa maximum. Technologies that dominate market are

Sand Filters

These filters use sand as a filtering medium. Usually water passes through this sand filter and debris are clumped in sand. But to keep it working, you have to backwash sand filters often. Replacing sand will better the result.

Cartridge Filter

These types use folded polyester mesh or paper materials to trap particles contained in water. It is easy to clean cartridge filters. You need to clean the filter few times in year. These types of filters are popular since minimum maintenance is required. Some people replace cartridges few times to keep filters working.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters

These are infact one of the most expensive filters and keep spa water absolutely clean. Diatomaceous Earth is used in filter as mesh to trap particulates. For maintenance you have to backwash the system frequently.

It is important to keep filters working for a relaxing spa feeling. But to increase lifespan of your filters you need to follow few simple steps

  • Make sure that spa runs for at least an hour so that water is circulated well. For most spas this time is sufficient for filtering.
  • How often you need to clean¬†spa filters¬†depend on size of filters, how much it is used and amount of debris that gets into water. Small filters are self contained and have to be cleaned once in a month.
  • It is better not to use any soap based cleaners. There are special types of cleaners for spas.
  • Replace the filter when the filters deteriorate and cannot function properly.

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