Tricks to decorate the living room

Learn how to decorate your living room with our tricks. They are very easy to carry out and will help you achieve the result you want so much, so do not let them pass!

A living room is a space a little smaller than a living room. It is usually used for short-term activities, such as talking and receiving short visits. However, it is also a space that can be reserved for privacy.

About 400 years ago, the upper classes required these places to retire after dinner and dedicate themselves to rest or perform some activities such as sewing, reading, painting or playing an instrument. This was the origin of the living room. And in this article, we give you the best tricks to decorate it.

The living room is known as the parlor in America and the sitting room in the United Kingdom.  It should be noted that, over time, the term parlor was replaced by drawing-room,  which is opposed to the withdrawing room.  A private space of recollection that, in Spanish would be translated as, ‘room to retire’.

The living room, a space for serenity

In ancient times, the face-to-face conversation was highly valued. It was considered as important a need as privacy.

Thus, space was set aside in the homes to be able to talk calmly, perhaps with a cup of tea or coffee, about topics of interest. Business and confidences were the most frequent.

In this space, an effort was made to demonstrate good manners, courtesy, and refinement. Therefore, it was a place that favored the display of precious objects and the exercise of the best ‘composure’ before visitors.

In other words, a living room was the environment that received a certain communication code. For this reason, it  should be as presentable as possible in terms of:





The living room today

At present, this is a space that is simply used to rest or carry out leisure and recollection activities such as writing and reading. Of course, there will always be some reminiscences of the oldest practices: chatting or enjoying a drink.

On the other hand, it is necessary to point out that it is no longer decorated to impress others, but according to your tastes. Discover some tricks that will be very useful for you.

Tricks to decorate a living room

A practical and comfortable space

First of all, we must remember that a living room is decorated with auxiliary furniture of rather small proportions. In this way, in a living room you have a maximum of two chairs, a table and little else.

In this space, emphasis is placed on practicality as a synonym of comfort. Hence, few pieces of furniture are placed and accessories tend to be scarce and small.

To get a cozy living room, three main elements can be placed: a good armchair, a table, and a shelf. Electronic devices are not usually included although, in some cases, a television is included on the wall. Instead, a music player is usually placed (especially if it is the vintage style ).

Neutral colors

Second, you have to be smart about using color. This particular element can always be our best ally when decorating; therefore, it is convenient not to go to extremes.

All kinds of colors can be used. However, the most popular today are neutral tones, given the predominance of the minimalist trend.

To get a beautiful living room, we can make use of neutral colors and accessories in a bright and cheerful color. Thus we will be able to generate contrast and provide freshness without falling into exaggerations.

What to avoid?

Reload the walls (both with color and accessories). When it comes to the living room, ‘less is more’.

If your furniture is simple, try adding an eye-catching accessory; It can be a lamp, a vase or some other object of your preference.

It is not always necessary to add rugs; however, we can include one in front of the chair; best long hair.

Mirrors are one of the elements that have remained in the living room despite the passage of time. Those without a frame should be avoided. Also, those with simple cuts are more aesthetic: oval, circular, rectangular or square.

The decoration of the walls

Finally, as regards the walls, these can be decorated with some pieces (a clock, paintings, tapestries, vinyl stickers, etc.). You can also put just a nice wallpaper that adds color and creates a certain visual effect.

For example, nowadays papers with prints of outdoor spaces are very fashionable. These create the illusion that the home is connected to nature.

The tricks to decorate a living room vary depending on the dimensions of the available space; therefore, it is most convenient to observe and analyze, above all, what is functional, comfortable and pleasant.

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