Small kitchen? Take advantage of it!

Small kitchen

The kitchen is the place in the house where more things are stored in less space. A problem that increases when they are small and we do not have enough square meters. To demonstrate that size isn’t all that important when the right ingenuity and accessories get to work together, we’ve put together this order guide at home, with 12 ‘maxi solutions’ that gain inches and organization, making your life easier.

1. Up to the ceilingSmall kitchen

If you can’t make it grow to the width, try to make it lug up, taking the cabinets to the ceiling. In this way, you will take advantage of very valuable centimeters to leave the things you use the least.

A tip: if your kitchen furniture is dark, introduce a showcase so that it does not ‘weigh’ visually and it is a light and balanced set.

2. Auxiliaries of ‘remove and put’

If you can’t beat the enemy, join him. An easy way to double the storage capacity of a small kitchen is through auxiliaries, like this Ikea trolley, which allows you to free your cabinets from bulky things, such as casseroles and fountains; use it to leave everything you need to set the journal table; serve as a spice rack: to store fruit and potatoes … Also, since it has wheels you can easily move it from one place to another and use it as a waitress.

3. No dead holesSmall kitchen

In small kitchens, each hole and corner adds up. Therefore, you must take advantage of every inch of the wall and counter. If there is space on top of the fridge, take advantage of this Neptune proposal, and place one or two shelves for recipe books or to have on hand the stock of soft drinks and beers, for example. Another good idea is to place suction cups for wire baskets or hooks to hang kitchen towels on the windows.

4. Get on the wallsSmall kitchen

The walls are often wasted and free, but they have a lot to offer in terms of storage and organization. In addition to typical shelving, hooks can give you a lot of play. In this kitchen designed by Jeff Andrews Design, this hook structure holds 25 cups and visually weighs much less than a closed module. We love!

5. Folding tall cabinets

The upper cabinets are perfect for storing tableware and glassware as well as serving as a pantry. Of course, as it is usually more difficult to access them, opt better for models, such as this one by OB Cocina s, with opening and folding drawers. More comfortable, it allows you to access the interior more easily, without having to climb a ladder.

6. Take advantage of the corners

This type of corner modules, the one in the image is from Schmidt, makes the most of the kitchen meters, taking advantage of the closet bottom, while offering extra storage space. Besides, it allows you to conveniently and quickly access its content.

7. Take advantage of the sill

Metal bars, hooks, knife holders, shelves or magnets are perfect for making the most of this area, between the worktop and the high modules, which we do not usually use. A solution that also allows you to free a drawer and have on hand the accessories you usually use for cooking.

8. Two in one

This Garde Hvalsôe solution increases the capacity of your interiors since it incorporates two drawers in the space of a drawer: one higher for bulky things and one lower, ideal for storing cutlery. Also, visually the result is much more aesthetic.

9. Smart solutions

In the kitchens, there are always wasted spaces and corners that can go a long way. Thus, this removable XS module is ideal for storing oil and spices or the one drawer in the baseboard can double as a pantry, for milk or cans. Take a look at your kitchen, you will be amazed at how many centimeters you can gain.

10. Removable drawers

The pantries with removable drawers will help you keep everything in order, without losing an inch. Also, since they are full extraction, you can see everything at a glance and access what you are looking for easily. When organizing it, try to dedicate each drawer to a product category (cans, breakfast, pasta, and rice …), placing the items according to your consumption habits.

11. The interior matters

An organized interior magically increases its storage capacity. Therefore, you should prevent things from running freely. Use dividers, store products such as pasta and flour in jars, place from smallest to largest and by categories (vegetables, canned fish, legumes …) and don’t forget to check every month and check expiration dates.

12. Ideal maintenance

If you don’t want your effort to end up on deaf ears, it is necessary that once you have organized thoroughly, establish a certain maintenance routine that keeps everything for a longer time. Small gestures such as not accumulating accessories or small appliances on the counter or choosing solutions for waste that make it easy for you will make your XS kitchen look like XL.

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