Garden rooms: turn your house into an urban oasis

Garden rooms

Transform your home into a tropical forest. Do you know the garden green? A way to decorate spaces such as the kitchen, dining room, bathroom or bedroom, filling everything with plants.

Filling every corner of the home with plants is all the rage. More and more people are committed to creating spaces that reign green. And it is that, in recent years, urban gardening has been gaining more and more followers to the point of dedicating complete spaces within the home. These are the so-called garden rooms: a  plant oasis where you can connect with nature. The best? You will not have to leave the comfort of your home.

Whether on a glazed terrace, on the shelves of your study or even in the bathroom, the key is to fill every corner with all kinds of plants. In fact, Pinterest is the ideal source of inspiration for all those users who are looking for new ideas for their homes.

But how do you start? The idea is to transform any space in your home into a small urban jungle. From the study to the terrace, the bedroom, the bathroom or the living room. Cover each part of the house with indoor plants that will help you maintain well-being. Beyond the aesthetic part of nature, you can take advantage to create a space in which to invest time and feel in harmony. You just need to take care of your garden room. Do you dare?

Garden rooms ideas

Acclimate your bathroomGarden rooms

The bathroom is one of the areas that we do not usually decorate excessively. However, it is important to consider it as an example of a garden room. Cover each corner with plants and feel like in the jungle. A tropical shower?

Vines the wallsGarden rooms

Placing small planters on the walls is a very practical option that will allow you to save space, in addition to decorating an area that sometimes goes unnoticed. Leave the tables aside and bet on including plants such as vines or small shoots.

A bedroom full of plantsGarden rooms

Sleeping surrounded by plants as if wrapped in the forest is possible by creating your own urban garden. At home, with different plants and selecting those that best suit your space. Take advantage of the shelves to place pots and vases and voila!

Place various pots in the living room

If you have a spacious and bright living room, it is time to create your own garden room. Distribute the pots in different sizes and let the wild take over your living room.

Prepare the kitchen so that nature enters it

Is there anything more inspiring than cooking surrounded or surrounded by plants? Place indoor flowers on the shelves. Rosemary, lavender or coriander are some of the options that best suit the environment.

A dining room made garden

Invite friends and family to your dining room. Prepare dinner or lunch and your guests enjoy your own garden room in your dining room. Place flower vases on the table or try hanging some vines or wall plants from the walls.

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