5 American cooking ideas

5 American cooking ideas

The American kitchen is a proposal for modern furniture for the home: to combine two rooms in a single environment, for greater conviviality. 5 ideas of the most prestigious brands, for the large two-room apartment, the loft or the open space.

Ideal for those who want to have room to maneuver in the room. American cuisine is a suggestive proposal for those who love being between the stove and worktops, intent on preparing succulent and tasty dishes. As well as having the opportunity of a room in which to stop. And talk with friends while preparing drinks and having an aperitif with soft music in the background, perhaps with the friend who improvises deejay.

The American kitchen is also ideal for those who want to combine in a single kitchen and living room. A classic for those who furnish an open space and want large spaces and with continuity.

The counter to lean on for eating, breakfast, lunch or dinner or even just for an aperitif, makes the house much more welcoming while on the central island. Where the stoves and the work surface are located, you can give yourself do without disturbing guests and family members.

And then, to satisfy the tastes in terms of furniture. The Made in USA kitchen models are available in many styles: classic, country, industrial, Scandinavian, just to give a few examples.

The most prestigious brands boast in the catalogs always new proposals. Having found that the island in the kitchen, Italian consumers like it a lot and want to give a different cut to their apartment.

Let’s see then 5 suggestive American cooking ideas of the best-known companies on the market.

-Scavolini Baltimore kitchen
-Berloni Canova kitchen
-Kitchen Lube Essenza
-Kitchen Stosa Mood
-Ernestomeda K-lab kitchen

Scavolini Baltimore kitchen

For a model of American cuisine, a proposal with the name of a famous city in the States could only be the suggestive idea. Baltimora is part of the Scavolini catalog. Ideal for those who want to combine the classic style. Typical of white oak wood, with the modernity of the concept of the perfect room for sharing, almost as if it were an open-air restaurant.

The presence of a large island that brings to mind the atmosphere of the countryside is perfectly combined with a series of high bar stools, in a modern key and for a greater sense of conviviality. It is one of the best cooking ideas.

Berloni Canova kitchen

Within the Berloni catalog, in the range of modern kitchens. Canova is a very refined proposal, for those looking for the quality of materials. And intend to combine it with contemporary design, at times almost minimalist.

The linearity of the model stands out in a unique environment such as open space while the matt veneered oak, especially in the black version, makes for a pleasant tactile and visual experience.

Kitchen Lube Essenza5 American cooking ideas

Natural and truer colors, the Essence range by Lube is a modern proposal of kitchen space. To be lived every morning as if it were a continuous renewal. It is one of the best cooking ideas.

The clean lines, as the Marche company is keen to underline. Become a pleasant scenario in which to move and collaborate. With the island that presents the fires and a large space where to wait for ready meals.

Being able to work at the same time becomes a stimulating way of life that makes every moment spent together as pleasant as possible.

Kitchen Stosa Mood

Proposed for large-sized rooms, Mood is a kitchen from the Stosa catalog that intends to combine the aesthetic. And the qualitative pleasure of wood with the versatility of the compositions.

Merging living room and kitchen in a single space is an attempt that is proposed not only in open spaces but also in large and bright two-room apartments when joining becomes important to facilitate socialization. It is one of the best cooking ideas.

The recessed handles make the grip safety. As well as avoiding to dirty the doors while you are in the full working phase.

Ernestomeda K-lab kitchen5 American cooking ideas

The K-lab model by Ernestomeda is particular and surprising. It stands out for its extreme versatility, taking wide inspiration from the workbenches of industrial premises.

The brushed metal stands out for its shine. As well as being very appreciated as a solution to always clean the shelf in the best possible way.

There is also a wide possibility of customization, with many materials and variations, such as the opening of the doors.

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