10 Nordic kitchens you want to copy

Nordic kitchens

As beautiful and practical as cozy and simple, the Nordics kitchens decoration finds in the kitchen one of its favorite scenarios of the house. Without losing sight of their philosophy, they now incorporate a plus of sophistication, which allows them to integrate into all types of styles, without losing their natural charm. Natural materials, white and light are their hallmarks.

The Nordic kitchens you want to copy

In favor of the lightNordic kitchens

There is no better fatigue partner between stoves than natural light. Let it enter without a clipper, reaching the last corner. Avoid the curtains, love the large windows and if you need privacy, always choose light fabrics. This proposal of Kvik with the ‘office’ in the viewpoint is a good demonstration of the power of luminosity. The white tile wall with a glossy finish acts as a mirror for the sun’s rays.

White universeNordic kitchens

‘White and radiant’. To think of a Nordic kitchen is to think of pure white, bright, bright … Present in the furniture, you also saw walls and floors, aware that few colors are able to catch the light and multiply the meters like this stylish neutral. In this proposal, Reform finds a good ally on the black countertop, to look more personal and daring. While plants, strategically distributed in space, contribute to creating a cozy and natural atmosphere.

Minimalist and functional, ‘of course’Nordic kitchens

The Scandinavian houses are allied with minimalism and the kitchen is no exception, as it shows a clear practical character, which seeks simplicity, order, and storage at your fingertips, as this Ballingslöv environment shows. Here, the island integrates large drawers with the glass front, which allows you to find everything more easily and that being closed keeps its interior free of stains and dust.

Dressed with plant fibersNordic kitchens

They provide warmth and break the feeling of coldness that often causes the color white. This studio McGee environment with parquet floor, wooden peninsula and vegetable fiber seats catch nature inside the house, gaining a sense of home. The golden details bring the touch of ‘glamor’ that sets it apart from a country kitchen.

With an industrial touchNordic kitchens

A good way to gain warmth and feeling of ‘lived stay’ is to bet on elements and objects of other decorative styles. ‘Boho’, ‘vintage’ or even industrial, as in this Snaidero proposal, Nordic kitchens do not fear to mix. The only rule is to respect their philosophy: simplicity, functionality, and luminosity.

Wood and more woodNordic kitchens

It is one of the ‘top’ materials of Nordic decoration, as it provides warmth and the natural touch it needs. Of course, always in clear and appetizing tones. You can incorporate it into the floor, furniture, and countertop, as in this spectacular kitchen designed by Garde Hvalsöe, where it seizes the important pieces, without fear of saturating the space since the meters are not a problem. The black countertop adds the most personal note to the environment.

With boho airNordic kitchens

Of clean lines, without large flourishes, or complicated designs. Nordic kitchens love simplicity above all and the “less is more” rule. It is the details that will help make them comfortable and warm, providing their dose of charm. This proposal of I-Cocinas.com is allied with rustic decoration, managing to get its vein more bohemian.

White and gray

This chromatic binomial takes advantage of the available meters and the light, incorporating into the environment, in addition, an elegant hue, which enhances your personality, as well as the golden flashes of the faucet and the lamps. Another plus of this Norsu Interiors proposal is the breakfast bar, very practical to make life in the kitchen.

With personal style

Although white dominates all Nordic environments, it does not mean you should give up the color. You can incorporate it in two different ways. Well in the main pieces, as in this Ikea proposal, always in light tones, not very intense or pastel; either in accessories, such as lamps, the tile sill or a wall of wallpaper, using bold and cheerful colors, which provide positive energy. Remember that you should always choose one or the other option since the coexistence between the two is difficult to maintain. It is one of the best Nordic kitchens style.

With office areaNordic kitchens

In the Scandinavian houses, the kitchen is the heart, the room where you live and enjoy with your family: the children do their homework, the pastry courses are put into practice with which to surprise the guests, the chef is accompanied. Therefore, whenever you can, it is necessary to incorporate an ‘office’ area. Even if it is small or limited to a breakfast bar with two stools.

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