How to get rid of dandelions

How to get rid of dandelions? Although you can make a delicious salad with them and it has varied medicinal properties, the dandelion plant is considered as a weed in almost every garden.

If it has become a plague and goes everywhere, now I am going to tell you the best ways that the dandelion does not appear again.

Best tips for how to get rid of dandelions

1. Special toolHow to get rid of dandelions

Unfortunately, dandelion can not be removed just by pulling the plant, because there is always something left.

But there is an excellent alternative, which is a special garden tool to remove this type of weeds from the roots and without harming the soil.

This excavator is assimilated to a work tool, such as a somewhat odd screwdriver, that works easily, pressing on the ground parallel to the roots and giving a gentle twist to lift the entire plant.

2. Boiling waterHow to get rid of dandelions

Pouring boiling water on each dandelion bud will cause them to lose vitality in a couple of days and stop growing. Do you dare to try it? It’s easy and you don’t need anything strange! It is one of the ways you know how to get rid of dandelions.

3. VinegarHow to get rid of dandelions

Vinegar is a fantastic herbicide against annual and perennial weeds such as dandelion, thistle or foxtail from the garden or greenhouse.

The acid in hot vinegar kills the plant but does not contaminate the soil or water. For more grown herbs you might have to apply it more than once.

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4. Corn gluten mealHow to get rid of dandelions

Corn gluten meal is a byproduct of corn grinding, usually used to feed farm animals and dogs. In gardening, it is used to prevent the formation of roots while the seed germinates.

It is applied directly to the soil before weeds come out, although if you already have them, you can apply it the same to avoid the formation of new plants. It does not harm other vegetation and enriches your soil.

5. A rich soil

Weeds usually prefer poor and acidic soils, so if you have rich soil, dandelions will not proliferate. Making your own compost and having mulch are very good actions to get rich soil without weeds.

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