10 shiny house cleaning tips

house cleaning tips

Spring is here and that only means one thing: it is time to open the windows, go outside and pay attention to the parts of the house that suffer most during the winter. Normally, the carpets, the mattresses, the curtains … and all the floors are the big forgotten ones. With the arrival of good weather, the time has come to make the change of wardrobe and the annual spring cleaning. We share shiny house cleaning tips.

10 shiny house cleaning tips

Tidy up the househouse cleaning tips

Picking up toys, magazines and all the things that are turning around the carpet and the room will help make spring cleaning much easier.

Cleaning the floorhouse cleaning tips

Cleaning the floor is a very important part of the cleaning routine. The first thing to do is a dry pass with a vacuum to extract hairs, fluff, dust, etc. and then make a wet pass to finish collecting dust and debris that may have remained. In addition, it is advisable to have a doormat, as it collects between 80-85% of waste before entering the house.

Washed the washing machine

You have washed the clothes, but have you washed the washing machine? Washing machines can build up mold over time. To ensure there are no traces of dirt left, an empty load can be made with 4 cups of bleach and another load with 4 cups of white distilled vinegar, and it will be left fresh from the store.

Remove the cushion and sofa covers

when possible and place them in the washing machine, checking the indications on the labels to be sure to wash them properly. You can also vacuum upholstery, curtains, mattress, etc. It is one of the best house cleaning tips.

Cleaning the bedhouse cleaning tips

This time you can take the opportunity to vacuum the mattress and clean it thoroughly. They are a perfect refuge for dust mites and can wreak havoc on people suffering from allergies caused by mites.

Kitchen and oven cleaning

A little baking soda mixed with vinegar works very well to remove difficult stains and also leaves a fresh smell in the oven. The grease in the kitchen furniture is cleaned well with detergent and cleaning vinegar.

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Clean the blinds

The solution is to mix equal parts of warm water and distilled white vinegar in a bowl. Slip an old sock into your hand and dip the sock in the mixture of water and vinegar before cleaning each lama individually.

Remove dust mites house cleaning tips

To do this, dust should be cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom. Starting with the ceiling, corners of the walls, lamps. It may be useful to use a duster to easily clean the lampshades or other delicate furniture. It is one of the best house cleaning tips.

Change the winter carpet for the summer one

Gone is the idea that carpets are winter, in houses with microcement or tiles they are good all year round and wooden floors give them a perfect decorative touch. Of course, you have to make sure you clean them well so that the mites do not feel at ease.

The marks left on the carpets due to the weight of the furniture can be easily remedied.

Simply rub an ice cube over the affected part, and the carpet will return to normal in a moment.