Types of pools to install at home and trends in 2019

Types of pools

With the arrival of the heat, we started to spin our heads: how wonderful it would be to have your own pool at home, whether in the garden or on the terrace. For those who are thinking of making that dream come true, we have prepared a quick guide on the types of pools available in the market.

The first of all is to know what types of swimming pools there are: the construction ones, which are mainly made of concrete; the prefabricated ones, where the polyester fiber ones stand out; and the removable ones, which can be made of wood, resin, PVC or even inflatables. If we talk about trends, sand, mineral, and glass pools are among the most prominent options. But how do they differ? We review each option:

The types of pools

Construction poolsTypes of pools

This type of pool is the most traditional and its structure is mainly made of concrete, which can be with gunite concrete and granite lining or with reinforced concrete and liner lining (the PVC bag that holds water). There is also the option of choosing a micro cement coating.

They are the ones that take longer to build and allow more alternatives than prefabricated ones since they can be made to measure and allow sizes greater than 10 meters in length. In addition, they are usually very robust and resistant. It is one of the best types of pools in the market.

The prices of the construction pools depend on factors such as the size (length, depth …), the design and the quality of the materials with which it is built. The average price of a pool of 23 m3 (6×3 meters) can be around 14,000 euros, including the municipal license, excavation, construction and elements such as a light bulb and a steel ladder. To this amount, it is necessary to add the annual maintenance (including the cost of water and electricity) or the treatment plant, which can also be a significant cost.

Prefabricated pools

The prefabricated swimming pools are much cheaper than the construction ones (savings can be around 30%) and can be installed in a few days. Now, there are fewer models available to choose from, especially in size and shape, while they can be in one piece or have a modular character.

Like the construction pools, it is necessary to ask the City Council for permission. On average, the price is usually between 2,000 and 20,000 dollars, depending on the materials, size, ease of access or accessories.

Within the prefabricated pools we find a range of options according to the materials:

Polyester fiber poolsTypes of pools

It is the most sold option in northern Europe and stands out for its easy maintenance and its different coatings, such as ceramics, sheet or mosaic. There is also the option to choose the finish between several colors. Manufactured in one piece, they are made of a mixture of resistant fiberglass and polyester resin. It is one of the best types of pools in the market.

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Steel pools and linerTypes of pools

This option is halfway between the construction pools and the prefabricated pools, both in the installation and in the price. They are built with prefabricated galvanized steel panels that are joined, while a reinforced concrete base is placed on the floor. A PVC sheet, known as a liner, is usually used for coating. It takes a week at most and they can be installed in attics and terraces for their reduced weight.

Detachable Pools

The removable pools are the most economical option, since they are not permanent like the previous ones, but can be uninstalled. They are high (its structure is raised from the ground), so it does not require any type of license. In addition, different options can be found, depending on the material used:

Wooden poolsTypes of pools

They are more resistant than other options and can be chosen from pine or even tropical wood. Another cheaper option is to bet on pools of materials that mimic wood. It is one of the best types of pools in the market.

Steel or sheet pools

They are usually made of stainless steel or other types of metal structures and the liner (the PVC bag that holds water) is the most common lining. It is one of the best types of pools in the market.

PVC or resin poolsTypes of pools

It is an example very similar to the previous one, only that the structure is of resins or very resistant plastic products

Tubular pools

It is one of the most common options and is based on a structure of tubes that are usually made of aluminum or similar materials to give stability to the canvas.

Concrete pools

It is built with different precast concrete pieces, with a liner lining.

Inflatable pools

It is the cheapest option of all. Based on one piece, with this option, it is enough to swell the pool and fill it with water to enjoy it. They usually have preset designs.

Pool trends 2019

Sand poolsTypes of pools

This type of pool offers the possibility of creating a small private beach in the patio or home garden. Its construction requires between one and two months and is the most expensive option in the market. In the case of a 6×3 meter sand pool and standard elements, the price can move between 18,000 and 20,000 euros, while in the case of a construction site they were about 14,000 euros. It is one of the best types of pools in the market.

Instead of having a stoneware base, the coating is made with a sand base and a mixture of non-slip resins. In addition, its installation is usually carried out together with a landscaping project for the environment to accompany.

Mineral poolsTypes of pools

It is a type of prefabricated pool whose termination is mineral: it has a beautiful exposure to light and is very resistant. It allows you to choose between various shapes and colors and there is a Spanish company called DTP Piscinas that is a specialist in this type of product. It is one of the best types of pools in the market.

Natural poolsTypes of pools

It is one of the most expensive options that can be found. And not because of the pool itself, but because they usually carry a decorative landscape project. In addition, for water to be of quality without using chemicals, it requires the installation of a purification system. The pool can be made of different materials, from concrete to fiberglass, through polyester. It is one of the best types of pools in the market.

Crystal pools

Another type that is a trend is that of glass pools, also known as pools with acrylic glass walls. They are pools that use special materials, very resistant and that allow designing different shapes. In addition, glass can be used throughout the pool (floor and walls), in addition to small details. It is one of the most used formulas by architects and designers. It is one of the best types of pools in the market.

Stainless steel pools

They are easy to maintain pools, with high durability and whose structure is made of stainless steel. In addition, they can be built on any type of soil, even in rocky ones. Their designs are usually prefabricated and the best-sellers are oval or rectangular. Its price is usually higher than in concrete or PVC.