7 best green living room ideas

green living room ideas

The green may seem an unusual color to decorate the living room of our home, however, if we know how to use it correctly, it may be the trigger we need to make it look fresh and modern. In this article we will present 7 green living room ideas:

The green living room ideas

# 1 In this case the green color has been used to paint the living room wall. If we find the color too flashy, we can paint only one of the walls, getting a greater depth.

# 2 Another way to have a room where the color green is the protagonist, is using it on the sofa. Combining the color green with black and white we can get an interesting interior, in this case, vintage and retro.green living room ideas

# 3 There are many shades of green, you can use an olive green tone if you are looking for a softer and homelike color range.

# 4 The key to green living room ideas is knowing how to combine colors in a coherent way. In this case, the contrast between the green and the lilac of this classic sofa has been used, which in turn contrasts with the rest of the elements that can be seen in the photograph.

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# 5 But the decoration of rooms in green can also be adequate in modern interiors. In this case, we can see in the photo a room decorated in green. And mustard color, a very nice combination.green living room ideas

# 6 In the same way, the green color is also very popular among vintage interiors, in these cases. It is often combined with other chromatic ranges, such as (as we see in the photo), the navy blue.

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# 7 Finally, we show you a final example of green living room ideas, in this case, olive green. We can see how the classic environment looks great with this color.