Furniture and lighting design highlighted by a white marble tiles

Furniture and lighting design highlighted by a white marble tiles
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The trend of light and airy houses, bathed in lots of natural light is currently enjoying great popularity. That’s why white is more and more often used in interior design and modern decoration. This non-color may, however, seem impersonal, or even look sterile when it is not used intelligently. Fortunately, professionals know how to use materials and colors to fully reveal their decorative potential.

The talented team of the Bulgarian design studio Extravagance is part of such a group of specialists and does not hide its design and decoration tips. She will share with us some of her secrets in the form of a review of a beachfront apartment that spans 400 square meters. Its interior is dominated by white tiles and wood in the right proportions and exclusive design furniture. Let’s see what he has to offer us!

Visually unite areas of an open area with ubiquitous white tilesFurniture and lighting design highlighted by a white marble tiles

The living room is open to the kitchen with island and bar, as well as to the dining room next door. This facilitates the passage between different areas and therefore the comfort of their daily use. We immediately see that the floor of all these “rooms” communicating is beautifully dressed with white tiles. These tiles are large format ceramic tiles by Rex Ceramiche and their finish is antique white slightly marbled.

This feature, which is the uniform coating, further contributes to the smooth visual transition between the three otherwise autonomous areas. In other words, by using the same white tiles in all the rooms, it is easy to create a coherent and harmonious atmosphere. Another attractive feature worth mentioning is the gray marble white-ribbed mantel. It is one of the best tips for design highlighted by white marble tiles.

We also note the dining table which represents a real point of decorative focus in the room. Thanks to its glass base, the wooden and white tray seems to float in the air! The design of the table perfectly matches the white design chairs of the Italian brand Calligaris. The black lamp design by Artemide just above is a true work of art and the so-called icing on the cake.

Gray marble wedding, glass, white porcelain stoneware tile and cozy wood in the kitchen

By the way, the same Italian natural stone covering the fireplace is again used for kitchen credenza. It bears the name Pietra Gray and ideally complements the beauty of the white marbled tiling almost ubiquitous inside. In addition, this gray stone creates a beautiful contrast with the doors of cabinets without handles in bright white. It is one of the best tips for design highlighted by white marble tiles.

Finally, this material is also present on the plateau of the island which optically “closes” the overall design. The other appealing textures of the 2-in-1 island are the wood veneer that looks particularly cozy and the clear glass. This last material repeats the idea of ​​the base of the table of the dining room that we have already examined.

Two living rooms connected by sliding doors from floor to ceiling

The client wanted to have two living rooms in the apartment with the possibility of bringing them together, if any. The first sitting area is in the open living area and the second is in an adjacent room. When it is fully open, the sliding door between the two allows to annex the premises creating a mirror effect. It is one of the best tips for design highlighted by white marble tiles.

The Calligaris designer sofa upholstered in beige fabric is one of the flagship elements in the main salon. It is beautifully enhanced by the gray wall behind and especially by the creative lighting in directional wall spots. The Nicoline design armchair in deep petrol blue velvet and the gray carpet with geometric patterns in similar shades are the other essential components of the design of this beautiful salon.