Decoration ideas: tips to decorate your house

Decoration ideas

Decoration ideas, tips and solutions for the interior of your home , regidores , living rooms , bedrooms , kitchens , closets , bathrooms … for homes or apartment and small ntos style modern , rustic with pallets  or minimalist … in order to convert any environment of your home in a space made the most , most comfortable and most beautiful.

Decoration ideas: tips to decorate your house

How to place the coffee tableDecoration ideas

In the living room, to arrange the coffee table, you have to think that it is proportional to all the space you have. To be clear about this point, it is best to make a small plane and scale all the furniture you want to place in the living room and its distribution.

You have to take into account the step size around this coffee table. For this the best is at least 50 cm between the sofas and the table, it is also a measure that will allow you to stretch your legs comfortably.

And in third place, it is important that it can be accessed from all the different seats of the sofa.

Ideas to equip a wide receiver

If you have a large- sized hall, use it to furnish it with large-sized pieces, which in addition to venting space from the rest of the house.

It will be a resource to show them off better since the entrance of the house is the area that is first contemplated when opening the house.

In one of the walls, you can support a console, decorate it with table lamps, which provides a cozy atmosphere light.

If there is enough space, a closet is very practical and will serve as storage for clothes that do not fit in other closets.

Another idea to decorate the hall with these cabinets is to have it open and decorate its interior with wallpaper and place on the shelves utensils for decoration, such as boxes, candles, dried flowers …

Little space for bedside tables in the bedroomDecoration ideas

Sometimes the space between the bed and the wall is not very big and the classic bedside tables do not fit. This is not a problem, and even, you have the opportunity to do something different with new ideas to decorate. It is one of the best decoration ideas.

The carpenter can custom make some shelves, lacquered in the color of the decoration you want to have.

You can paint them in matte or gloss and their design should be as simple as you can, with space to place a lamp or some books.

You can also dispense with bedside tables and place in their place a custom bookstore made to measure, on both sides of the head

If you prefer, suspend the luminaires from the ceiling or place them on the wall of the head.

A good idea of the decoration is to place an articulated flexo to adapt them to the position you need.

For example, for reading when you are lying down, as you have seen in a previous photo the Ptolemy model flexo.

These models of the photos have the right measurements for special cases in house interiors, of small dimensions on both sides of the bed

This second model is available in various colors, white, yellow, red and  green

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Take advantage of space in the bedroom

If you lack space in the bedroom to store, it is best to help with auxiliary furniture.

A good option is to take advantage of the area under the window with a piece of furniture that will be used to store shoes or clothes.

The color should be in light tones and light lines.

If you arrange some cushions at the top, you will have a very nice and different space to study, read or listen to music by the window. It is one of the best decoration ideas.

Ideas to improvise a dressing room

Design a wardrobe for clothes and place your belongings, such as bags, shoes, and accessories, in a very simple way, as you see in the photo.

It is simply a structure that lacks back and doors and moves with wheels to move it to your comfort in the room and place it where it suits you best.

It does not need doors and is the most original.

We hope you have liked these ideas, tips and can use some to decorate your home.

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