Small dressing room: practical storage solutions

Small dressing room: practical storage solutions

The clothes deserve a proper space. Quietly, thanks to a tidy wardrobe, is appreciated by both women and men. Small or large, the dressing is easily adaptable to all types of surfaces. How to best integrate yours? A small dressing room or an entire room? What type of dressing do you need? If you are developing your dream dressing room and you are looking for creative ideas.

Small dressing room perfect for limited spacesSmall dressing room: practical storage solutions

If your space is small, here is a practical solution: the mirror! More than a question of coquetry, the mirror has the power to enlarge the space! You can also give it a discreet storage space in the back. In any case, it is an essential element for each dressing room. It’s good to take a look at her toilet before going to work or in the evening, is it?

Small dressing room: the bearing back in strength in the interior decoration

The hanging wardrobe has become a real trend. The lovers of the decoration very much appreciate this practical invention. Those who have small spaces too. The wardrobe is an original, simple and stylish way to store your clothes, shoes, and accessories. You can buy it or make one yourself. It’s a nice way to expose your clothes and have them all ironed and ready to dress.

Hanging wardrobe: your clothes are exposed

To save space, a compartment drawer is perfect for storing underwear, socks, scarves, and accessories. The dimensions and colors vary. You can choose the ones that best suit your interior and its design style. Here is an example of a wooden dressing room with drawers. It is an option for large spaces. It is decomposable and each part can be integrated individually. When storing accessories, consider buying boxes or making them yourself.

Wooden dresser with shelves and boxes for storing accessories

If your room is very small, you can opt for a bed type mezzanine model. It’s a good idea for the teen girl or boy room. In this way you will have a maximum of free space on the ground for your storage. To store your shoes, a practical solution is to arrange them in a column.