7 Bathroom decorating tips to keep in mind

Bathroom decorating

Bathroom decorating is not an easy task, especially if they are small. The complexity of the case has to do with its use, its coating and, above all, its size. This last point is the one that can make the task complicated, but there are good ideas for the small spaces that you can take into account to put a good taste in a small bathroom.

Many decoration houses or department stores dedicated to remodeling offer a large number of storage solutions for mini toilets. We share some tips to take advantage of the space we have and have a beautiful bathroom.

Bathroom decorating: 7 tips

1) Light colors

Bathroom decorating

Opting for light colors is one of the most important points since the wrong choice of color can cause the opposite effect to the desired one. If the bathroom is small, with little lighting and painted in dark tones -black, gray, chocolate, etc.- it will visually be even more reduced. In contrast, white, beige, bamboo and olive green tones, for example, will make it seem more square meters. You can be inspired by reading about paint colors for interiors.

2) Take advantage of the space above the toilet

In general, few dare to use this space as a storage place. You can put some shelves on the wall to put jars, towels, brushes, etc. Or why not some decorative detail that gives a fresh and fun touch.

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3) Take advantage of the cornersBathroom decorating

If you are doing remodeling, you can opt for a vanity corner. Another option is to put a closet for a corner that does not take much place and gives great advantages when it comes to storing our things. It is one of the best bathroom decorating tips.

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4) Harmonious order

It seems obvious, but sometimes this helps us a lot when it comes to making our space look bigger. There is no better decorative element than the same order. Place towels and other textiles that are in view in a harmonious way can be folded or rolled up; not only visually expands the space but also provoke a sense of calm and quiet. You can read:   How to sort the house: the magic of overcoming chaos

5) The door, a great ally

For super-small places, a sliding door can be a great solution. But it is not always feasible, so you can take advantage of the space behind the most common doors. You can hang an organizer to put all our things, such as makeup, hairdryer, mirror, creams, buckles, etc. You may be interested:  Types of doors: options for interior and exterior.

6) Pendants on the wall

From racks – where you can hang towels or personal care appliances – through wicker buckets to jars or decorative tins embedded to the wall. This optimizes space, decorates and stores it at the same time.

7) In vertical

Decorating a bathroom reduced where there is no horizontal space, is not a problem because taking advantage of the vertical direction can gain much space. Now the wooden stairs are used a lot, preferably painted in light tones, to place what we can think of.