5 ideas of interior blinds for a warm decor

5 ideas of interior blinds for a warm decor

Interior blinds are a way to protect your privacy, to personalize your living space and enjoy a more efficient thermal insulation. At the present time, blind manufacturers offer a great deal of varied solutions, in terms of models, materials, and finishes. Here are 5 ideas of interior blinds for warm decor.

What type of interior blinds for your living space?5 ideas of interior blinds for a warm decor

Today, we are interested in 5 types of popular interior blinds. We take stock of their benefits to help you decide which model is best for you. To make this fact sheet, we turned to one of the specialists in the field, the company  Stories de France, which has been offering, for 25 years now, an exceptional choice of products made in France. Discover a preview with the images below! It is one of the best tips for warm decor.

Venetian blinds

5 ideas of interior blinds for a warm decor

Venetian blinds are one of the best known and most used solutions in France. Available in several finishes, they offer you many options to dress your windows in a personalized way.

Venetian-style interior blinds come in a variety of colors. To add an interesting accent to your kitchen or living room, you could choose a bright shade or a pastel shade with a translucent surface. It is one of the best tips for warm decor.

Do you like natural deco? We recommend then Venetian blinds with wood effect. Ideal for all rooms of the house, they are available in lighter or darker colors. So easy to find the one that will harmonize best with the atmosphere of your home!

Roller blinds

To dress your windows with style, roller blinds are another great idea. Offered in several colors, they can be installed to any type of window, including those in inclination.

Because of their versatility, these blinds are very suitable for conventional windows as well as small windows. That’s why they are a practical choice for decorating a bathroom and toilet. It is one of the best tips for warm decor.

California blinds

Californian blinds have vertical stripes that can modulate the light beautifully. Typical interiors of the 70s and 80s, they will seduce those who would like to add a vintage accent to their decorations. They are associated in particular with large windows. At present, California type blinds come in many widths and materials. You can opt for canvas, aluminum or PVC strips while enjoying a thermal performance and sun protection according to your needs. The veranda blinds

Do you have the chance to have a veranda or a glass house extension? To preserve your privacy, bet on interior blinds that fit this space! The veranda blinds are made of fabric. This allows them to control the light and provide you with more effective thermal protection. In addition, they are designed to accommodate the inclination of your windows and the roof of your porch!

Japanese panels

Japanese panels are a great option for those looking to create a modern and stylish space. Made of textile, they replace the curtains very well. In addition, they help you to make the atmosphere more intimate and give you the opportunity to sift the light in your living space. In addition, Japanese-inspired panels perfectly complement large windows and floor-to-ceiling windows. If you have decided to bet on this type of blinds, do not hesitate to customize the decoration of the different parts of your home with panels of various shades!