Makeover a wooden furniture

Makeover a wooden furniture

One, two, three, ready? China! During this period of flea markets and garage sale, it’s time to dig up wooden furniture to relook. We give you ideas to modernize them with a few brushstrokes.

Stitch ideas in decoration brandsMakeover a wooden furniture

Do you have any ideas for revamping antique furniture? Take a look at furniture brand sites and take a look at some of the partially painted furniture on display. They have been designed by specialists who know how to strike the right balance when it comes to coloring a dining table, bedside table or chair to make it look modern. The trick can also be useful when it comes to finding an idea of color to repaint a piece of wood furniture. The other alternative, for those who use Pinterest, is to list the painted furniture that you like in a table.

What paint to repaint a wooden furniture

To paint a piece of wood furniture, you can use paint of any brand: just make sure it is suitable for painting wood. The information is usually inscribed on the jars with the terms “woodwork” or “furniture”. Above all, stick to the instructions for preparing the wood before painting. For a current effect, opt for matte or slightly satin paint. After two layers, protect it from the blows by adding a layer of matte clearcoat on the furniture.

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The detail not to be neglected

When you revise a storage unit, there is a detail that should not be neglected because it makes all the difference. This is the choice of handles. By changing them, you change the look of your furniture and give it a new identity. As for paint colors, the choice is vast. And, if the trend is to leather handles or brass buttons, the offer opens up thousands of other possibilities.

Tables and seats, paint practical

When it comes to relooking a table, a stool or a bench for everyday use, think practical. Indeed, a tabletop or the seat of a chair is very stressed, so more fragile. Therefore, if you plan to skip the varnishing step, essential to protect these surfaces, it is better to leave them rough and paint only the legs and backs.