Design living room decor: Some modern living room interiors

Design living room decor: Some modern living room interiors

The living room is a place of any significant living space. It is there where we receive guests, relax or watch a good movie with family or friends. In short, this room is large, comfortable and airy. After having arranged it, one chooses its decoration. The latter is simple and compact. What is deco lounge design and how to choose it, discover in the lines that follow …

Design living room decor:Design living room decor: Some modern living room interiors

the era of minimalist design The modern decor is simple and functional. We forget anything that may seem cumbersome or imposing. Finally, the decor is an element that highlights the furniture and objects already present. What is the most trendy decor lately? Minimalist decor, natural decor, artistic decor … It is one of the best modern living room interiors.

Potted plants: we go green

We said it in 2019 – it’s time to go green. There is nothing better than green decor. The plants are not only very pretty but also allow to cool the air. You can enjoy a better airy and zen interior. It has been proven that plants help concentration. Here’s why we do not hesitate to install them in his workspace or bedroom. The living room is also a great place! It is one of the best modern living room interiors.

Lighting – a key element for a successful lounge design decor

An interior with very strong lighting is never pleasant to live. Lighting is one of the key elements of successful interior design and decor. To highlight the furniture and decor of your living room and create a pleasant atmosphere, we put on soft lighting and soft. It is one of the best modern living room interiors.

Floor mats for living room decor design – yes or no?

The floor mats are an element that always makes the interior more cocoon and pleasant to live. It is also a very practical decorative element. If you live in an open space, the floor mat can help you define the different areas. Usually, we put it in the living room where we put the sofa and the coffee table.

And what is the mural living room decoration?

The wall decor does not take up space! This is indeed his biggest advantage. We can also customize it as we want – photos, tables, drawings, collages … In short, the possibilities are really very numerous! Do we love the painting that decorates the living room wall below, and you?

Which colors to choose for the living room decoration design?

Green, blue or neutral tones … This year, all shades are trendy! We choose them according to our own tastes and of course, according to the decor already present. Wood and green marry fabulously in the living room interior below, right? It is one of the best modern living room interiors.

Floral patterns are very fashionable lately

If your living room lacks color or you simply want to add an interesting and captivating deco element, we strongly advise you to opt for a design living room decoration with floral or tropical motifs – it’s up to you! Do you probably know the painter Henri Rousseau, the Douanier? Try to find so Decorate without cluttering, here is the idea! A library, a lighting or furniture design … The decor is not something that has no function in itself. Indeed, the modern decor is all that is functional. Instead of installing objects with no practical use, bet on new furniture, for example. Optimize your space and never forget that modern space is the one that is easy going!something in this kind of style! You will see, it’s beautiful …