7 ideas to decorate your hallway

decorate your hallway

The corridor is usually an area of ​​passage that we all use and this makes it an essential part of our home. But, on many occasions, we do not know how to make the most of it. Take note of the best ideas to decorate your hallway and get more out of it!

The ideas to decorate your hallway

Moldingsdecorate your hallway

To give a more chic touch to your hallway and visually more attractive, you can include skirting boards or moldings to bring relief and play with different tones and textures. Adding panels is also another way to incorporate elements in other shades than those in the paint, and it also protects the walls from bumps, dirt or other factors.


Do you have a free wall in the hall? Dress her with pictures! In this way, you will make this area more welcoming and warm. In addition, if the photos are personal you will not only personalize the space, but it will also be a memory site that you will always love to spend.

Carpetsdecorate your hallway

This decorative element is key when it comes to decorating your passage area, creates the illusion that there is more space! If your corridor is narrow and very long, you can choose to use two carpets instead of one. On the other hand, if your intention is to highlight a specific space in the hall, such as the hall or entrance, you can place the carpet there. It is one of the best ideas to decorate your hallway.


Do you have many books and do not have space to dedicate a room for them? Take advantage of the corridor and turn it into a step library! This option is only valid if you have a wide pass area, you would need about 20 or 30 centimeters deep for the shelf. If you do not have this space, another option is to place shelves on the back wall. It is functional and very visual!


A mirror is not just a decorative element, it also brings a lot of light to space. In the corridors, this element is not abundant and using mirrors to create an effect of amplitude and luminosity is a great idea. You can place your mirror in the entrance, in a piece of furniture or combine mirrors of different sizes and shapes to decorate a wall. Which option do you like the most?


The plants give a touch of vitality and joy to any room, in the hallway they cannot miss! If your passage area is dark and narrow, this element is essential when choosing your decoration. You can use vases and place your plants in a piece of furniture, place them in pots along the corridor or create a specific area for them.

Painted paper

Do you like to play with different tones and designs when decorating? Dare to put wallpaper on the walls of the corridor of your house! It will give a chic and unique air to a boring and dark space. You can use it on the whole wall, choose a part of it or simply use the paper in an area that you want to highlight.

You can combine all these tricks of aisle decoration as you like and create an original and very personal space, have you helped these 7 tips?