9 DIY project ideas with wooden crates

10 DIY project ideas with wooden crates

DIY project ideas with wooden crates. Recovery is an art! There is an object easy to recover and simple to transform in order to integrate it into its decor: the wooden case. To inspire you, I selected 10  Brico projects from wooden crates. I am certain that these will make you want to join the DIY movement by adding your personal touch!

Good discoveries and good crafts!

1. Painted shelves10 DIY project ideas with wooden crates

For this project, you will need to recover boxes of wine or champagne. You must paint (or not) the inside of the crates to give them another dimension. Make sure you do not alter the exterior to keep the logo of the production house or estate: it’s very chic and raw wood, we love it! Fixed on the wall, they will turn into perfect shelves and bring rhythm to the room.

2. Wall shelves10 DIY project ideas with wooden crates

Here is a strong interesting variation to the previous project. Using wine crates or old wooden drawers, create colorful wall shelves nicely dressed with wallpaper, which will become the focal point of the room. Use these shelves as decorative objects as practical storage modules!

3. Graphic boxes10 DIY project ideas with wooden crates

For fun and practical storage, why not paint geometric patterns on your blank wooden crates? They will be easy to match the rest of your decor thanks to their simplicity. To lay on the ground or hang on your walls.

4. Modular wall10 DIY project ideas with wooden crates

Need privacy or create divisions in your loft? By overlaying a few painted wooden crates, design a custom built-in storage. The wooden crates will allow you to keep a relatively airy space, without building a definitive wall … But evolutionary!

5. Toy chest10 DIY project ideas with wooden crates

We transform a wooden crate into a vintage toy box! In addition to being a beautiful decorative element, this trunk on wheels is easy to move in the various rooms of the house. It is also very practical: it can be pushed to pick up as and when the clutter left everywhere!

6. Side benches10 DIY project ideas with wooden crates

Because we never have enough storage! With this DIY idea, you can offer your guests beautiful benches to sit on, in addition to creating additional storage in the living room. A project to remember for the pros of smart storage!

7. Plant Pots10 DIY project ideas with wooden crates

Use wooden crates to give an industrial look to simple terracotta pots. This is clever to avoid spending money in nice pots, which can reach impressive amounts.

8. Planters10 DIY project ideas with wooden crates

You have little green space, but have a great desire to garden? As planters or planters, have your wooden crates according to your desires according to your space and your needs. Create an outdoor and functional garden area!

9. A touch of authenticity10 DIY project ideas with wooden crates

Why not just give a new look to a piece of furniture you already have? Add raw storage elements with wooden crates. This will change the appearance without much effort and complications for a beautiful result!