10 really nice DIY ideas with masking tape

DIY ideas

Want to pamper your everyday objects without much effort, time or money? These DIY ideas tips will be perfect for you! Some pieces of masking tape (or washi tape, his other name), these tapes decorated very pretty, and a little imagination, and voila. We found on Pinterest a maximum of cool ideas to realize with masking tape.

The decorative tape (“masking tape” or “washi tape”) is one of the best inventions ever! Shelves, tables, pens, bottles and the same vases: in a few masking tape strips, you can inject a good dose of color into your most banal objects.

You do not know how? We bring you 10 great DIY ideas just for you!

1. Embellish your pens and pencilsDIY ideas

Pens, pencils and other markers are practical and useful … but usually, they are not the most beautiful elements of your office. To give them a second life and relook them, wrap around them a little masking tape. Choose the color or print you like the most and indulge yourself. To you the stationery cannon at a mini price!

2. Make original cards, letters, and envelopesDIY ideas

Want to send greeting cards, invitations or just original letters? No need to tour the stationery, you can perfectly achieve them yourself with masking tape. Whether you only decorate the envelope or you let go of the map: let your imagination run free and express your creativity. The result will be sensational and … unique!

3. Decorate your nail polish bottlesDIY ideas

Some people collect stamps, pines or tickets (!) But you, your hobby is nail polish! Already pretty, the bottles of your favorite nail polish can be even more thanks to some bands of masking tape well placed. It is one of the best DIY ideas.

Tip, avoid putting on the transparent part of the bottles at risk of guessing every time you seek a specific color.

4. Customize your makeup brushesDIY ideas

They are all alike with their plain sleeves and their tired hairs? No need to reinvest in makeup brushes! You simply need to give a second life to those you already have. For this, nothing more simple: decorate the sleeves of your makeup brushes with a masking tape you like. Simple, fast and economical: you’ll love using your make-up brushes!

5. Pimp your computer keyboardDIY ideas

Not necessarily sexy, your computer can be done in a jiffy with colorful tape. To do this, simply cut masking tape pieces to the sizes of your keyboard keys and paste them on them. Mark the letters you have just covered with a marker and that’s it!

Do you find that too much? Nothing prevents you from dressing the outside of your computer or decorating your mouse.

6. Decorate your cables, chargers and other high tech accessoriesDIY ideas

If in terms of wallpaper you are spoiled for choice, this is not the case when we talk about chargers, USB cable, and other peritals (yes, yes, it still exists!).

The solution? Dress them up in a thousand colors or patterns with masking tape.

Most? You will find them more easily when you go looking for them.

7. Create a speakerDIY ideas

You will love this DIY! To make a speaker for the smartphone, just grab a roll of toilet paper (only the hardback) that will sound box and roll masking tape. Push four bugs to keep it flat, cut a slot to slide your smartphone … and that’s it!

To you the pregnant pretty, unique and mega practice!

8. Customize your bikeDIY ideas

Your two wheels have seen better days and you dream to offer a new bike more stylish? No need to check out, just decorate your trusty steed a little masking tape! Depending on the colors and prints you choose, you will give your bike a vintage, bucolic or even rock!

9. Make a wall stickerDIY ideas

Do you find your walls too bare but the prospect of making holes does not enchant you or your owner has prohibited you? Do not give up on dressing! Simply outline a pattern you like and make it with colored tape. To you the wall sticker at a mini price! It is another DIY ideas.

10. Make original napkin ringsDIY ideas

Are you planning a dinner soon? No need to ruin yourself in table decoration. You can do it all yourself by starting with original and unique napkin rings with masking tape. Simply wrap the towels in a small tape.

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