How to plant in a pot

plant in a pot

If you want to keep your plants in a healthy pot, this is your post, we teach you how to plant in a pot and we give you some tips.

There are many factors to consider when we are going to choose a plant, such as the type of pot we should choose, in which area of the house or garden we will put it if it will receive a lot of light or little. With this guide, you will get a healthy and happy plant for a long time, with minimal but necessary care.

Which flowerpot should I choose for the plant in a pot?plant in a pot

When choosing a good pot we must ensure that there are one or more holes in the bottom, this will make the water flow freely. If there is insufficient drainage and they do not have enough holes, our plants will drown and die.

There are several types of containers you can use, but that depends on your aesthetics and budget. There are light containers, which are easy to move and can withstand winter temperatures, look for resin, fiberglass, and plastic. Do not use clay or unglazed wood, they absorb a lot of moisture.

What potting mix should I use for the plant in a pot?plant in a pot

The mixture is essential, we should not use soil from the garden, using that soil can cause our pot to fill with seeds of weeds, insects, and diseases caused by fungi. Keep Reading how to germinate seeds.

There are different types of fairly light mixtures that can help us, such as peat, vermiculite, and decomposed organic matter. If you want to plant succulents or cactus you should use a mixture especially for them.

If we do not want to do much maintenance to the plant we will have to buy a mixture that contains prolonged-release fertilizer and polymer crystals that retain moisture.

How should I plant?plant in a pot

Before starting we must water the plant in its original container one hour before the transplant, with that we will achieve that the extraction is much simpler and that our plant does not feel a very strong shock for it. Now we remove the plant from its nursery container, hold the top of the root ball by placing a finger on each side of the stem; Then we tilt the pot and let the plant fall gently into your hand.

If it is stuck we touch the sides of the pot to loosen it, we should never pull a plant by its stem. If the roots are also linked with the plant we should gently release the ends of the roots before planting.

We place the plant on top of the mixture, fill carefully with small handfuls of soil and give small soft touches to eliminate the air pockets. Now we water the container and our plant will finally establish the roots in its new home.

What plant can we plant according to the lighting?

If we are going to place the pot in a place where the sun is fully and clearly, we can plant:

  • African daisyplant in a pot
  • Dahliaplant in a pot
  • Purple Grassplant in a pot
  • Lantana
  • Verbena
  • Begonia tuberosaplant in a pot

If the place where we are going to place the pot in a place where the sun comes out very few times and the shadow predominates, we can plant:

  • Fuchsiaplant in a pot
  • Browalliaplant in a pot
  • Torenia
  • Caladium

If the place is mixed, sometimes it gives the sun and sometimes it gives shade, and we also want a colorful plant, we have several plants available:

  • Coleusplant in a pot
  • Phorniumplant in a pot
  • Canna
  • Ferns
  • Persian shieldplant in a pot
  • Mini petunia
  • Sage

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