7 ideas to make homemade paper Christmas garlands

homemade paper Christmas garlands

Decorating your home with homemade paper Christmas garlands is a great idea. The garlands provide a very creative and original touch to the house, plus you can make them yourself and spend an entertaining afternoon. Now, how to make homemade paper Christmas garlands? The process is very simple and there are hundreds of different ideas that you can carry out. That is why, then, we will offer ideas to decorate your Christmas home with paper garlands. Do not miss it!

Ideas to make homemade paper Christmas garlands

Christmas wreaths in the shape of mistletoehomemade paper Christmas garlands

Mistletoe leaves cannot miss Christmas. They are one of the indispensable elements. Of course, you do not always have fresh mistletoe at home. That is why we propose to make Christmas garlands of paper in the shape of mistletoe. It is quite easy since you will only need green paper, a scissors and a string in which to put the garlands of paper. Easy, simple and result on.

Christmas tree with cupcakes moldshomemade paper Christmas garlands

Do you have paper cupcake molds at home? Then you can prepare your Christmas paper garlands without having to go out and look for material. You just have to fold them and stick them with a bit of silicone to form a beautiful Christmas tree. Christmas decoration easy, fast and effective. What more can we ask?

Christmas trees with newspaperhomemade paper Christmas garlands

Another option to decorate your home with Christmas garlands of paper is to take a newspaper or magazine paper and make hundreds of small Christmas trees. How to make them? You can look for a template or let your imagination fly. Of course, if you want all the trees to be the same, do the first one and look closely at it to do the rest.

Star-shaped paper garlandshomemade paper Christmas garlands

The stars are ideal for any time of the year. It does not need to be Christmas to hang garlands of stars, you can have them hanging all year! That’s why making star-shaped paper garlands for Christmas is a very good idea. In addition, it is quite simple to do, so you will have your decoration ready in a very short time. Of course, if you want to hang the stars throughout the year, and not only at Christmas time, try to make them neutral colors, such as beige. Nothing red and green.

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Christmas Combinedhomemade paper Christmas garlands

Do you like the combinations? Then this is your ideal garland. You just have to combine different shapes, such as stars, hearts and Christmas trees, to create a different and original garland. It is also very easy to make and you can make it even with the smallest of the house. You can also include angels, Christmas sticks … The options are multiple!

Paper Angelshomemade paper Christmas garlands

Angels are also typical Christmas figures, so why not make some Christmas paper garlands in the shape of an angel? It is true that this image can be a bit more complex than the previous ones, but once you do the first, the rest will be sewing and singing.

Homemade paper Christmas garlands with giftshomemade paper Christmas garlands

A very original option is to make small gift packages and place them on a strip to make a pretty garland. For this Christmas paper garland, in addition to paper, you will need a small bow and a little stuffing to make the gift package. It is true that it is a garland a little more complex, but we must bear in mind that it is unique. Surely you surprise all your guests with this garland. Personally, I think it looks great with the newspaper, but you can choose colored paper to look even more real.

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