10 keys of romantic decoration

romantic decoration

The romantic decoration is one of the most booming today. There are many people who choose to create tender and delicate environments through decoration. A decorative style that offers a world of possibilities focusing on small details.

The romantic style is characterized by simplicity, delicacy and a cozy atmosphere. One of its main advantages is that it adapts wonderfully to all types of homes, both large and small.

When we talk about romanticism, we moved to the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. One of the most important periods for art, in which sensitivity and nostalgia were breathed. Nowadays, this artistic movement inspires the search for delicacy and tenderness.

Romantic decoration: the keys

If you also want to turn your home into a romantic space, full of tenderness and elegance, then we bring the main keys to value. The most important thing is that you are able to customize the style to your own tastes and preferences, always taking into account the small details and respecting the characteristics of the romantic style in the decoration.

Colorsromantic decoration

One of the main aspects to assess when introducing any type of decoration are the protagonist colors. Well, in the case of the romantic style, white and pink tones predominate. Today, there are those who choose to give a more modern touch with colors such as turquoise or violet. If you dare with them, the ideal is that you do it with small details, such as bedding or cushions. Color is important for romantic decoration.

The walls can also be decorated with floral wallpaper, always in warm colors. An option that we only recommend if the spaces are wide and bright. Otherwise, you will only recharge the environment excessively.

Furnitureromantic decoration

Regarding the furniture, vintage or restored are great for the romantic style. Decorate your home with tables, chairs and other types of antique furniture made of wood. The best thing is that the wood is in its natural state; that is, that has not been treated.

Flowersromantic decoration

In the romantic style, flowers are the main queens. Both natural and artificial, they come in luxury to decorate any corner of the home and give it a tender and delicate appearance. The idea is to choose flowers in soft tones like pale pink. Of course, flowers can also be found. It is the keys to romantic decoration.

Texturesromantic decoration

In addition to colors, textures are of vital importance in home decoration. In the romantic style, natural fabrics are worn, such as nylon or cotton. You can play with flowers and stripes to be spaces filled with love and joy.

Decoration elementsromantic decoration

As regards the decorative elements, there are some pieces that can not be missed to enhance the romanticism of a particular room: white vases with fresh flowers, porcelain figures … In the bedroom, the canopies are also great to achieve this style of decoration.

The candles are also essential in this decoration. In addition to providing a very pleasant aroma in any room of the house, they bring that feeling of warmth that you like so much.

Sofas and armchairsromantic decoration

Both in the living room and in the bedroom you can choose vintage style sofas and armchairs. The upholstery is essential and, in addition, should evoke past eras, such as a wing chair with armrests of large size.


As in many other decorative styles, in the romantic plants play a major role, both outside and inside. The vases or the baskets with flowers fit perfectly and also help to create a very pleasant atmosphere.

Carpetsromantic decoration

Carpets are an essential element in home decoration. The romantic style calls for carpets in soft tones or floral prints that bring warmth to any space. Ideally, carpets should be made of natural materials such as wool.

Tablesromantic decoration

The tables should always be decorated as if you were going to receive a very special guest, both in the kitchen and in the dining room. Linen or cotton tablecloth accompanied by glassware and China. Essential decorate the table with a vase of fresh flowers according to the season.

Brightnessromantic decoration

The luminosity is one of the aspects that you must take care of the most. The romantic is a very clean decoration style, so it is essential to maximize natural lighting. As for artificial lighting, lamps with parchment or fabric screens are ideal for creating delicate and tender environments.

If you really like the romantic style and you want a home decorated in this way, these are the main keys you must take into account. The most important of all is that you feel comfortable and prioritize comfort and practicality in the face of aesthetics. From there, with the guidelines that we have contributed, you are sure that you can make your home a space that evokes tenderness and elegance.