DIY Mat with Recycled Materials


The tendency to reuse materials to create decoration and crafts that serve the home is increasing, so today we show you how to recycle some materials to create some original rugs that you can use wherever you want. We share some DIY mat with Recycled materials.

DIY Mat with Recycled Materials

Playmat with PompomsDIY Mat

Materials: Wool (yarn), plastic lattice, scissors.

Steps:  cut the plastic lattice as you wish, either round or rectangular. As to create the pompoms using wool or yarn, you just have to entangle your fingers giving several turns (about 10 approx.) And tie in half, cut the ends and you’ll have them ready.

With a little stain of the same color as the pompom, go tying the lattice, knotting under the plastic. Fill the base completely and place your DIY mat where you want.

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Fabric RugDIY Mat

Materials: Pieces of cloth, plastic lattice, and scissors.

Steps:  cut strips in the fabric of approximately 1 × 5 centimeters (you can use fabrics of different colors). Go placing the strips through the holes in the lattice until covering completely, This DIY mat will look great in your room.

Mat with CorksDIY Mat

Materials: Corks, glue, wooden board and cutter.

Steps:  with the glue begins to cover the wooden board with the corks, which can be the size you want your DIY mat, with the help of the cutter the corks that are larger to cover completely.

Braided carpetDIY Mat

Materials: pieces of cloth, glue, scissors and base cardboard or wood.

Steps:  cut strips 10 cm longer than the base of cardboard or wood that you will use and 2 cm wide, start to braid them by combining colors. When you have enough braids, stick them on the base let dry and your braided rug will be ready.

Playmat with Refreshment TapasDIY Mat

Materials: Soda lids, glue, spray paint, wood stapler, and wood or cardboard base.

Steps:  so that your mat is neater, paint the caps of the same color, once they are dry, begin to paste one with another as shown in the image. You can staple to make them more fixed, the DIY mat can leave it like this or Well stick it to a cardboard or wood base to make it more resistant.

Piedras de PiedrasDIY Mat

Materials: River stones, a carpet and industrial glue.

Steps:  this mat is very simple, the only thing you have to do is to stick the river stones on the mat until it is completely covered. You can make it circular, rectangular or the way you want and it will be ready.

As you can tell, decorating your home with articles made by yourself can be very easy. You just have to exploit your imagination and reuse materials that you have at home.