TV aerials – when to repair or replace

A poor television signal can be frustrating for viewers. An interior aerial erected in the attic can sometimes assist in solving the problem. However, this may not be the solution as the television signal can be obstructed by nearby trees and even adjacent buildings. If you have ongoing poor reception, it’s worth hiring a professional to tackle the problem. However, if you discover that your aerial is faulty, when it comes to organising a repair job, many people find they have left it too late for any significant work to have a positive impact.

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Hire a professional to fix the issue

Signal boosters are sealed, and repairing them requires the intricate skills of a highly trained professional. Oftentimes, viewers will replace an amplifier, believing that this is where the problem has arisen. However, there will be many occasions where people will go to the cost and trouble of replacing the aerial amplifier only to discover that the problem remains. Frustratingly, they are then left with a booster that was not faulty in the first place.

If the signal coming into the amp is good, the viewer should test the signal that is exiting the amp. If it is substandard, this suggests the amp itself is faulty. If it is very good, that shows that the issues lie further along the cable, possibly with the cable itself.

Quality workmanship is guaranteed

Digital television aerials are fragile, and if they have been damaged by wind or water has leaked into them, they can prove almost impossible to repair. With such elaborate equipment, it is preferable to invest in a quality product and have it installed by a professional such as TV aerial installation Bristol. Businesses such as can guarantee first-class workmanship. It is certainly worth paying more to ensure the job is done well and carried out to the highest standard possible.

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According to Cambridgeshire Live, Freeview viewers in Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Bedfordshire had to retune their televisions in July to allow for the updating of signals. Regional updates began across the UK this summer as part of a major initiative that will run until 2020.

Different areas around the country can have different aerial needs. A professional can offer valuable advice if you are installing for the first time.


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