Fall decoration trends 2018: what style does it take for your home?

decoration trends

If you are a fan, lover or decoration professional, surely you already know that there are decoration trends that mark each season and define it. And, with the fall that is about to arrive.

The pink, the velvet, the metallic shades … The new decorative year has already arrived and is full of novelties in terms of colors, textures, materials … News that add to already established styles, such as the Nordic that, once again, will continue hitting hard

If you like to be up to date, here is a summary of the best of the best. Do you have your wardrobe ready? Well, the time has come to dress the trend house.

Autumn decoration trends 2018

1. The rose, also at homedecoration trends

We tell you about clothes, but it also applies to your home. The star range of this year is the one that goes from the rosewood to the terracotta, going through all the tonalities of the coral. Within the pastel ranges, pink makeup will continue to be a trend, especially in more Nordic spaces. Combined with gray, bet safe!

2. Yellow + vegetationdecoration trends

Nature continues to gain ground in our homes. Combined with furniture and accessories in lemon yellow, your home will be up to date. And nothing better than to take the decoration trends to the last extreme: indoor plants are always a good option. This season bet on a cactus in maxi or mini size. It’s up to you.

3. It’s velvet time … and not just on clothes!decoration trends

It is, without a doubt, the revolution of the season: velvet goes from the catwalks to the home … and not only in the curtains! From cushions to sofas, velvet promises to fill your home with glamor and become the fashionable upholstery. Did you have to re-upholster your favorite chair? Well, now you have a choice! In addition, it is a perfect material for cold seasons.

4. Something new: the splatterdecoration trends

The splatter is a breakthrough technique that promises to stay in our homes this 2018. It’s something like decorating splashing, that is, textiles, wallpapers, kitchenware … full of small specks of paint. Precisely the kitchen is a good way to introduce yourself to this technique. Napkins, plates or splattered cups will renew your table and make it more current. It is the fall┬ádecoration trends 2018.

5. Metalizeddecoration trends

The metallic complements the spaces. They emphasize the oxide, the copper and, with moderation, the gold. If you do not dare much with that touch, you can give a metallic spot through lamps, but also small decorative objects such as bowls or bright lights of any of those tones perfectly complements any room.

6. The handmade finishdecoration trends

This trend we love! And it takes away the “imperfection” that artisanal and manufacturing generates. In addition, the worn effect also brings meaning to homes. What is worn transmits life!