Autumn inspiration: 10 DIY with dead leaves!

Autumn inspiration

Autumn is here, the dead leaves strewn on the ground, dress the landscapes of orange and glowing hues. Instead of getting rid of a rake, why not give them a second life by diverting them into decorative objects? For an autumnal atmosphere to desire, take inspiration from these 10 DIY retrievals simple and fun to achieve.

Symbols of autumn, the dead leaves are recycled and invest the interiors of a thousand and one ways. Suspended at the end of a thread, dressed in the paint, sublimated in a frame or in glass jars, the leaves color the decor of their red, yellow and orange coats. Here are 10 DIY drawn on Pinterest as so many ways to give life to your fallen leaves.

How to preserve autumn leaves?

If these DIYs are perfect for infusing the autumnal spirit with the decoration of a few weeks, you can prolong the pleasure by preserving the dead leaves used for your creations. For this, they must be dried and absorb any moisture by squeezing them between sheets of paper towels.

For dead leaves to keep their shimmering colors, take wax paper and sandwich them between two pages. Then put an iron on the average temperature on the whole for a few minutes. Here are your protected leaves !

DIY # 1: A rain of dead leaves above the dining tableAutumn inspiration

– The necessary material: discreet strings, dead leaves.

– DIY: to create an avalanche of dead leaves above the table of the dining room, take several strings and punch a small hole in the leaves. Then pass each thread through each of the holes, and knot them. All you have to do is hang the cords from the beams of the ceiling or a light fixture.

– The deco trick that makes fly: for more effect, consider varying the heights, colors, and types of dead leaves.

DIY # 2: A light garland embellished with dead leavesAutumn inspiration

– The necessary material: a light garland, dead leaves, strong glue.

– DIY: this DIY is as simple as bluffing. To carry out this autumn garland, simply set some dead leaves to different LEDs with strong glue and hang your creation to a ramp staircase or a window, for example.

– The deco trick that makes fly: vary the colors of the leaves chosen for successful lighting effects.

NB: beware of overheating, do not leave your autumn garland lit unattended and too long! Make sure that the dead leaves do not heat up or catch fire when in contact with the LEDs. It is a beautiful Autumn inspiration DIY.

DIY # 3: Leaves in gradient as a wall decoration

– The necessary material: a tree branch, string, dead leaves, nails.

– DIY: bring the autumnal nature into your home with this wall suspension! Bring a tree branch that you have cut to the length of your choice. Drill small holes on each end of the dead leaves and run the strings through the cascades. Then fix your creation on the wall by putting it on some nails.

– The trick deco that fly: get an even more aesthetic by taking care to arrange the darkest leaves at the base of the branch, and the clearest at the end of the strings. Gradient effect guaranteed!

DIY # 4: Autumnal place markersAutumn inspiration

– The necessary material: dead leaves, a brush, golden paint, a paint marker.

– The DIY: to make a sensation during the autumn meals, put the package during the training of the table. As a place-mark, get some dead leaves colored with golden paint to place in the hollow of each plate. Remember to write the name of your guests to the marker on the customized sheets.

– The decorative trick that makes fly: if the walleye does not please you, opt for another shade to color the dead leaves. You can choose to paint their entire surface, or simply tint the ends.

DIY  # 5: Decoration jars for autumnAutumn inspiration

– The necessary material: glass jars, dead leaves, small battery-operated light garlands.

– DIY: Bring the spirit of the late season into your home with this simple tutorial like hello. Collect old glass jars and fill them with three-quarters of dead leaves. Drag a battery-powered light string and turn it on to create the mood. Close the jars.

– The deco trick that makes fly: multiply the custom jars and have them everywhere in your home to sift the atmosphere and personalize the decor.  It is a beautiful Autumn inspiration DIY.

DIY # 6: A mobile lined with flowers and dead leavesAutumn inspiration

– The necessary material: dead leaves of all kinds, string, a circle made of metal or wood or a suspension, rope made of natural fibers.

– The DIY: get a metal circle, a wooden embroidery ring or an old suspension and surround the natural fiber rope element so as to totally cover it. Attach some strings after which you will have taken care to fix some dead leaves. Suspend it from the ceiling or near a window with a string.

– The deco tip that is fly: to color your creation and give it life, incorporate the last fresh flowers of the season that you have suspended by their stem.

DIY  # 7: Autumn MeadowsAutumn inspiration

– The necessary material: transparent frames, dead leaves.

– The DIY: make your meadows pass by the time of Autumn inspiration! In transparent frames, place one or more dead leaves and place your creations on the edge of your fireplace, on the walls or on a sideboard.

– The deco tip that makes fly: vary the frames, the hues of the dead leaves and arrange them in accumulation in the decor for a 100% autumnal interior.

DIY # 8: Plane tree leaves dressed in glitterAutumn inspiration

– The necessary material: a brush, dead leaves, liquid glue, glitter, fine ribbons.

– The DIY: recover some dead leaves, drill a hole in their base and brush them with liquid glue. Soak them with glitter to make them shine. All you have to do is slip a thin ribbon or string into the previously drilled hole to hang them wherever you want.  It is a beautiful Autumn inspiration DIY.

– The decorative trick that makes fly: golden, orange, silver … Vary the shades of glitter for more effect.

DIY  # 9: A wreath of dead leaves to hang on the doorAutumn inspiration

– The necessary material: a metal rod, dead leaves.

– The DIY: get a metal rod and bend it to form a perfect circle of the desired size. Thread the dead leaves one by one by piercing them in their center. Close the metal ring and attach the crown to your front door or the wall of your living room. It is a beautiful Autumn inspiration DIY.

– The deco trick that makes fly: do not hesitate to diversify the hues of dead leaves and to introduce in quantity for a bushy rendering full of panache.

DIY # 10: A floral composition inspired by Autumn inspirationAutumn inspiration

– The necessary material: a metal vase or bucket, twigs, dead leaves.

– DIY: this DIY is as simple as hello. In a pretty vase or a metal bucket for a more rustic look, place a bunch of twigs. Among the branches, place some dead leaves. That’s it!

– The decorative trick that makes fly: do not skimp on the dead leaves, the more there is, the more the fall effect is successful.

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