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Nothing like starting the return to the course with a bath of current style in the house. Get updated on decoration tips and then move it to our spaces. Discover what will take the next months, what are the maxi tendencies that you are wanting to know. You want to have them in your domestic environments right now.

Get updated on decoration means knowing everything in news. Or at least try. From the chromatic formulas that will sweep this winter, to the bolder designs and designs that will invade all types of surfaces. And the furniture that heads the first positions in the lists. The interior design professionals have already noticed them and now it is the turn for our stays.

Here are the top decoration tips

Catch up on decoration with a tribute to the seadecoration tips

Most of the time catching up on decoration means being prepared for the surprise factor. Let us be seduced by proposals that leave us speechless and that perhaps, at first sight, we do not see them for our more personal decó. We think that they do not fit with our style but deep down we’re dying to show them off. That feeling is a clear symptom that it is worth giving them an opportunity.

It is what can happen to us when seeing for the first time one of the novelties of the next season. The marine universe in wallpaper version, textile accessories, lamps, and ceramic tableware. He has been the source of inspiration for leading designers and firms, who have not hesitated to take inspiration from him for their creations, recreating their fauna and their tones with fantasy and freedom. A fun tribute to the sea to update our environments with it through a unique look. It is one of the best decoration tips for the new look.

Of course, a cool and fun trend, ideal to catch up on decoration tips proving that we dare imaginative ideas. It is a matter of dosing their presence, according to the role that we want to give to their images and motives. Like handmade wallpaper on silk with marine scenes that are a song of creativity. They can be a fantastic option to renovate the walls of a children’s bedroom and also a super casual dining room. The clearer it is of furniture, the more it will look and appreciate its optical effect: its schools of fish hypnotize.

Maybe we will be more than trying little by little with this decorative fashion. There are many ways to integrate it in small doses. The living room sofa is a firm candidate if we bet on textile accessories with this marine DNA. Like a nice cushion designed with embroidered glass beads fish. Without giving up to dress the table with a collection of dishes that recreate schools of fish. Let’s look for that special occasion to show off, like a children’s party. Catching up on decoration with humor is even more appetizing.

Rosa and tofe: the duo that will sweep

If the rose and all its variants are still one of your favorites in the color palette, congratulations! You will be happy to know that it not only continues to set trends. He also has a new partner: the tofe.  The one with the candies, yes. An adorable and essential duo to catch up on decoration without missing a detail of good taste. The best thing about this couple is the combination of elegance and warmth that adds to any environment without almost realizing it. It will be worth playing with her and exploring her attractive aesthetic possibilities.

The grace of this chromatic combination is that it is possible to reproduce it at home with different formulas. In the image and likeness of how it has been seen parading on fashion runways. On furniture for the living room with geometric motifs, showing off on chairs and designer chairs. Or at the foot of our bed to dye that artisan air carpet that we like to step on when we get up. They form a perfect alliance to create chic decorative sets but nothing fancy.  And this has a lot to do with this caramelized and suggestive brown. What a great discovery to catch up on decoration.

In addition, this chromatic duo is willing to sneak into any room if its final effect has captivated us. Even the kitchen and the bathroom will be able to show off their tones thanks to the ceramic tiles colored in a delicate pink and discrete brown spots. Suddenly these spaces will be to the last.

An opportunity for vibrant curvesdecoration tips

I already said it at the beginning of this post. Get updated on decoration allows us to investigate and surprise us with new combinations and materials. And also to dare with those unusual forms that we never find the moment to introduce in our domestic interiors. Well, another of the super trends for next winter is the firm commitment to the curves in the furniture. And also loaded with vibrant colors, like blue and green saturated.

A  brave proposal that invites you to play with it in two ways. Through large pieces of great aesthetic prominence, designed to catch the attention of the rooms. Or through auxiliary furniture that seems to be small works of art. A family of sofas, armchairs and little tables with sinuous curves that come to put a note of sympathy and a pop touch to corners of rest and chat. They are the perfect counterpoint to the rectilinear furniture of light wood, so typical of the natural and contemporary style. And at the same time add points in eclectic environments or industrial flavor. Get up to date on decorating for discoveries of this type.

Circular designs in large doses

This winter is a golden opportunity to make the decoration of your domestic spaces less static. The reason is simple. If you sign up for the trends that will sweep the new season, you’ll find that circular designs are more fashionable than ever. It is true that we have been seeing them for a few years, but not with the prominence and brightness of now. It is one of the good decoration tips.

So catching up on decoration is the best way to reserve a space for these objects. They are a sure value to give a feeling of calm and kindness to the environments. The fact of looking at them relaxes and at the same time adds freshness to any decorative set. Design lamps that are glass balloons, ceramic sculptures to look on the wall, and even furniture that does not resist to include in their designs a circular wink. Trust them to break an excessive balance or too formal a look. No doubt. Get updated on decoration connects us with a repertoire of wonderful news that we will be willing to sign.

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