15 tricks to make your house smell good

house smell good

Often, our house has some unpleasant smell that we do not know how to eliminate, either because of the food that we have cooked, by the drains of the bathroom or for any other reason. To finish this, today we bring you some tricks to neutralize those smells and that freshness is what prevails in our home. Tricks to make your house smell good.

The first thing we must remember is that we must eliminate bad odors, before perfuming our home, because otherwise the mixture of smells will be terrible and will make our home still smell worse and stronger. So, we can start by airing our house every morning, after a little while with the windows open we can perfume it without a problem.

There are many air fresheners with very pleasant scents to disperse around the home, but today we are going to give you other alternatives that you can make yourself. Proposals without spending a lot of money or time.

Tricks to make your house smell good

1. Home airhouse smell good

Freshener We can decide the aroma that we like and make homemade air fresheners for our house. To do it we will need an orange, candle wax and some essence that we like.

We will take the orange, we will split it in half and we will empty the inside; Meanwhile, we will heat the wax until it is undone. We will pour the wax in the orange and we will throw the droplets of the essence. In this way, we will achieve a pleasant and lasting smell in our home. In addition, we can put in the orange a wick to make it as a candle, as recommended in this tutorial. It is the best tricks to make your house smell good.

2. Lemon and waterhouse smell good

Another good idea, to eliminate odors, besides getting a fresh smell, is to use water and lemon. We will only have to boil water with squeezed lemon and a very pleasant smell will be released by our kitchen. It is recommended to do this trick when we cook something with strong smells, like seafood, or to eliminate the bad smell of the microwave. Lemon and water also use for cleaning house.

3. Vinegarhouse smell good

Many other times, the bad smell comes from one of our appliances. Against the bad smell of the dishwasher, we will use vinegar, it is advisable to put it every so often empty and with a splash of vinegar inside to eliminate the internal odors. For example, against the bad smell of the washing machine, it will be enough to put it empty and about 60º with a little detergent with oxygenated bleach. It is the best tricks to make your house smell good.

4. Flowershouse smell good

A good idea and perfect decoration with any corner of your home are to put flowers. You can put natural flowers in the hall or the dining room to have a natural and very pleasant smell. If we are lazy and do not put flowers because they end up happening, we can try dry flowers. In them we will scatter droplets of some essence that we like, the result will also be very good. It is the best tricks to make your house smell good.

5. Home Sprayer

With hot water, softener and baking soda, we will make a perfect sprayer to throw in any fabric of our home and give off a very fresh smell. We only need to mix it into our container with atomizer and throw it every time we want to have a good smell anywhere in our house. We can put it in the curtains, bedspreads or wherever we want.

6. Wipeshouse smell good

We can use the wipes that we like the smell or wet them in some pleasant smell for us. We will have to put them in our radiators and when we turn on the heating they will release the smell for our home. Thus our radiators will have a double function.

7. Aromatic candleshouse smell good

This product is a good option for a specific moment. We can turn them on when we go to have a visit, we will ensure a good smell, in addition to giving a very elegant touch to our decoration. It is the best tricks to make your house smell good.

8. Perfume

This trick is very easy and efficient. We will have to put a few drops of our perfume on the bulbs when they are off and cold. In this way, when we turn them on the fragrance will evaporate and give off the smell of our perfume that we love so much. It is the best tricks to make your house smell good.

9. Cinnamon

We will only need water and cinnamon powder or branch. We will boil it in water and let the smell spread throughout every corner of our home. Here we leave the steps, quantities, and ingredients to explain.

10. Aromatic herbshouse smell good

This is a good way to decorate and at the same time, we will ensure a good smell. If we put aromatic plants in our kitchen, we will only have to touch them from time to time so that they give off their smell and neutralize the smell of food. We will get a very natural smell. It is the best tricks to make your house smell good.

11. Rice

We will only need a bowl of rice hidden in any corner of our bathroom to end the humidity, and its smell so unpleasant every time you shower. We will catch the smell of moisture and what smells is the pleasant smell of shampoo or gel.

12. Apple We will

peel the apples and let the peel dry in the sun. We will put it in cloth bags and these will give off a super attractive smell. It is a very good idea for the cupboards, we can put a bag of these and we will make sure that our clothes smell very good.

13. Bicarbonate

This product has the power to absorb all odors, so we can put it hidden in any corner

to at least make sure that our house does not smell bad. This trick is highly recommended for refrigerators, especially when we have a product that gives off a lot of odor. Neutralize and cool.

14. Water and Vinegarhouse smell good

With this trick, we can eliminate bad odors from our house, especially strong smells like tobacco. We will only have to put a bowl of water with vinegar in the space of our house where someone has smoked. Thus the smell will disappear quickly. We can also spray the walls with this mixture in a sprayer since in the walls it is usually in one of the places where odors persist.

15. Citrus Peel

A good option to eliminate odors, as well as a pleasant smell is citrus peels. Its result will be very remarkable if you put them in the bottom of the garbage cans, so we will not notice the bad smell that this usually gives off.

These are all the tricks that we bring you today. In addition to these, there are many more, here we leave a video with some other tips.