Small modern bathroom or how to create a small space in an intelligent way

Small modern bathroom

To fit a small modern bathroom is not always easy. The smart and functional design is a matter of planning and budgeting. Today, we present you an exclusive selection of 200 ideas for a small modern bathroom.

Discover them and find inspiration for the design of your small modern bathroom

Small modern bathroom? A real challenge!Small modern bathroom

Any small space can be transformed into a comfortable and pleasant place to live. By focusing on functionality and focusing on furniture solutions and practical decor success is guaranteed, but not that. You must also carefully choose colors and textures. The dark colors are not always the best choice for small spaces. A small modern bathroom will be rather designed in light tones. The idea? Widen visually and make the space brighter!

In this article, you’ll find all sorts of small bathroom decorating and decor ideas, as well as ideas for medium-sized spaces. You will also discover a wide variety of ideas for washbasin, worktop, vanity, sink, tub, shower, shower stall. But even more about the flooring, how to dress the walls and which door to choose and which colors best fit the tight spaces. Decorative ideas are not absent. It is true that in small spaces it is usually avoided, but you can always afford a small decorative element. The decor ideas presented here are mostly Scandinavian decorating ideas because it’s super chic and trendy.

The small modern bathroom is one that is both beautiful and functionalSmall modern bathroom

Having a small space is not necessarily bad in itself. Indeed, the restricted spaces are at most at the base of the invention of new ideas of development and optimization of the space. A small space makes us more creative simply because … we have no choice!

Small modern bathroom rule 1: Bet on high and suspended storage solutionsSmall modern bathroom

In the bathroom, we have all kinds of products and beautiful objects. Even if they come last in the bathroom, you have to consider them and find them a practical storage space. Open shelves are usually considered to be the simplest, functional and low-cost storage choice. You can buy them or make them yourself.

Small modern bathroom rule 2: Pay attention to the chosen color paletteSmall modern bathroom

In our selection of many small bathroom ideas, you will find all the colors, styles and configurations of a small bathroom. This will allow you to see the differences between each space and its design. In this way, you will stitch the best ideas for your small bathroom. One of the key elements for the successful design and decoration of a living space, interior or exterior, is color choice. It is not forbidden to integrate dark tones in a small space, but it must be known that this will have an impact on the visual size of the room in question. Below, a small bathroom with toilet and walls in dark gray. The result: a chic and dark space.

Small modern bathroom ruler 3: Light, light, light!Small modern bathroom

Lighting is very important for the atmosphere you want to install. It is decisive for the whole room as well as for your comfort. Our advice is to rely on lighting neither too loud nor too soft.

Small modern bathroom rule 4: The showerSmall modern bathroom

The best solution for the small bathroom is to install an Italian shower. It is easy to install, natural and optimizes space intelligently. However, if you want to install a bathtub, it is possible. There are current models specifically designed for small spaces. Indeed, you can install both at once: Italian shower and bathtub.

Small modern bathroom rule 5: Minimalist decor, green decorSmall modern bathroom

In the bathroom, you do not need a lot of decors. On the contrary, the less you have, the better. We advise you to opt for green decoration: potted plants or flowers. Plants purify the air and make the bathroom more vital.