Ideas to create your own dining room with a modern style

modern style

Follow our tips to furnish a dining room with an original and modern style.

If you are thinking about renovating your dining room and giving it a much more modern touch, you are in the right place. In this post, we have several ideas to offer you with which you will surely find the inspiration needed to renew this stay. 

Keep reading and create a dining room with a modern style

Nordic chairs, the pure trendmodern style

Nordic style furniture is fashionable. In case you still do not know them, these chairs are characterized by having legs in natural wood. The seat is usually plastic or lined with fabric. It is, therefore, resistant chairs, very aesthetic and durable.

Due to their appearance, the Nordic chairs create a warm and cozy atmosphere. In addition, as they are the fashion furniture par excellence they are perfect to create a dining room with a modern style.

If you want to create the matching set you should know that you can also buy chairs, sofas or armchairs of the same style. It depends on the taste of each person, but perhaps choosing all the furniture of this style makes it go from being an original and attractive piece of furniture to a boring and monotonous one. Keep reading- The 9 best ideas to decorate the room

Original and risky lampsmodern style

Since we are creating a modern style dining room, why not dare with a risky lamp? There are lots of sizes and designs and they are true works of art. In addition, you can find so many models that you will probably find it difficult to choose because of how beautiful they are.

If your room is divided into two different environments our recommendation is that you place the ceiling lamp on top of the dining table. In the living area, where sofas and television are located, you can install a floor lamp to create a warmer atmosphere.

Here we give you several examples of modern and daring lamps so you can find inspiration and choose the one that best suits your home. Do not forget to check that they offer the right intensity of light and never sacrifice the design in exchange for the power of the light.

Vintage elements, the combination of the old and the modernmodern style

Although we are creating a modern style dining room, the vintage elements can have their space. The combination of modern and antique pieces offers a truly attractive image.

As in this case, we want to create a modern dining room, it is appropriate to place small vintage elements so as not to detract from the predominant atmosphere in the room. For this, we recommend that you visit an antique shop, a flea market or second-hand stores.

For a very cheap price, you can find lamps, paintings, mirrors and other elements that will give a different touch to the room and that will surely be the center of all eyes. Dare to mix pieces from different eras and do not be afraid because the result is sure to be fantastic.

Personal decoration and modern stylemodern style

If you want to decorate a different room, original and modern we recommend you not to choose the typical paintings, plants or candles. These can offer fantastic results, but it is also good to risk from time to time and do different things.

Our proposal is that you decorate your living room with your personal memories. You can make collages, frame them, make a mural or simply place them on the shelf or on the TV cabinet. Surely you have associated “personal memories” with photographs, but in reality, the memories are much more.

Movie tickets, airline or train tickets, a newspaper cutout, a greeting, a nice note … Surely you have dozens of special memories saved by any drawer. Put them in view and enjoy them every day. In addition, seeing them will make you remember those special moments, it will surely make you smile.

The result will be a combination of images and objects that will bring an original, modern and carefree touch to the room.

You already have some ideas of the characteristics that a modern living room should have. Now you just need to choose those trends that best suit your home and your tastes and move them to your living room. If you still have any doubts, here we leave you several images of modern living rooms that you will love.

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