How to build a bathroom for children?

bathroom for children

Materials, furniture … What precautions to take when designing a bathroom for children? Two Pro Côté Maison offer us their expertise to facilitate the development of this second piece of water.

If you have the chance, arranging a bathroom for your children will relieve the morning rush when the whole family needs to get ready. A bathroom reserved for children can also be a way for them to evolve in a safe environment. Otherwise, be aware that you can easily adjust your bathroom common to the youngest by applying some of the tips provided by Christel Duperray and Claire Clerc, both interior decorators. Forgotten cries at bath time, the water feature fits easily to the little ones for their greatest pleasure. Keep reading- How to Decorate your Study Area

The children’s bathroom: a separate room?

If it is not always obvious to find a property with several bathrooms, own a second for children is a real advantage. “It’s immediately more comfortable for families, especially in the morning when everyone has to prepare at the same time,” explains Christel Duperray.

Resistant and reassuring materialsbathroom for children

According to Claire Clerc, it is important to install ” anti-slip floors ” to limit accidents. Also, for the tiles, or the parquet orient you rather towards a finish which hangs rather than a very smooth tile. Similarly, a carpet adhering to the bottom of the bath can be a good idea. Regarding the rest of the bathroom, Christel Duperray advises opting for ” simple and qualitative materials ” that will withstand the energetic energy of the little ones. “Porcelain stoneware can be a good option,” says the decorator.

Shower, bath, basin … Which equipment to choose from?bathroom for children

Shower or bath? The two pros agree on the last solution “children love to take baths, they can dabble in. It’s a real moment of pleasure for them” insists Christel Duperray. It is sometimes difficult to install a bath in a small bathroom, Claire Clerc advises to invest than in a small foldable bath. The height of the basin is often a problem for children, not big enough to reach comfortably. The two interior decorators nevertheless advise to place them at the standard height of 85 cm. “Plan a step” recommends Claire Clerc. “I always design parts for resale, low furniture is not recommended because you never know who will be interested in buying your home,” said Christel Duperray. “Choose ceramic washbasins, very resistant, rather than Corian. They are to be installed on a piece of furniture with feet, more stable than something suspended” she continues. Also, remember to incorporate a multitude of storage in your bathroom for children to make it functional.

And the decor of the bathroom of the children?bathroom for children

“In a bathroom for children, dare the bright colors or mix patterns, ” suggests Claire Clerc. Remember to do something consistent with the rest of your property. The pro invites you not to associate more than three colors in the room. Christel Duperray, on the other hand, relies on accessories: “the bathtub is white. But why not choose a colored vanity unit or pegs that change the ordinary? Install the pegs at the height of your children so that they can gain autonomy “.

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