Tips for Arabic Decoration

Arabic Decoration

Now you can spend a thousand and one romantic nights inside your house; redecorate the style of your home with these Arabic decoration tips, relive the passion, creativity, and fun in your life with this unique design.

Tips for Arabic Decoration

StyleArabic Decoration

The essence of a good Arabic decoration is to create a spiritual, harmonious, attractive and very striking environment. Precisely for this reason, intense colors, floral designs and above all geometric designs are used, since they obtain the effect of balance and unity. The surfaces are usually upholstered, since the fact of leaving a space, causes horror vacui (fear of emptiness).

MaterialsArabic Decoration

One of the basic materials in Arabic decoration, is the clay, thanks to its easy handling. You can design infinity of shapes and figures. Other very important are tile, ceramics, bronze, and silver.

FabricsArabic Decoration

Definitely, the most romantic and sensual touch of Arabic decoration are the fabrics, which, usually, are placed on the ceiling, or as a “tent”, lean towards silk, cotton, or vaporous, colored strong, with very striking and attractive designs.

ColorsArabic Decoration

It is evident that in the Arab culture, the intense and striking colors are essential. So if you want to turn your house into a real palace, choose shades such as deep red, orange, pink, green, turquoise blue, purple and all the bright colors.

DesignsArabic Decoration

Because in the Islamic religion it is considered an offense to represent Ala (God) as a human being or with forms true to reality, it is usually captured its presence with floral motifs, or geometric figures, as they symbolize their indivisibility. Another of the typical designs is the Arabic writing, which in addition to playing an iconographic function, is also ornamental. Keep reading- 8 tips to make your small room look more spacious and beautiful

FurnitureArabic Decoration

For real estate, choose small and low tables, with hexagonal styles, there are some that already have floral or geometric designs. As is common in Arabic decoration, cushions are usually used to sit. So if you do not like that idea so much, you can use small chairs and even poufs.

Natural elementsArabic Decoration

In the Arab houses and in the mosques, the fountains are never absent. Even in some palaces, there are swimming pools since water is a natural element that must always be present. That is why it is one of the main ornaments that you should contemplate. In addition to this the flora or vegetation should not be missing, remember that abundance and harmony are the secrets.

Basic OrnamentsArabic Decoration

Definitely, a good Arabic decoration is not complete without the basic ornaments or typical of this culture. So if it is about ornaments, choose leather lamps, forged lanterns, wool or cotton rugs, silver or bronze mirrors, clay pots or Ceramic, and especially cushions of various sizes and colors, are indispensable.

With these tips for the design of spaces and Arabic decoration. Surely now you have many ideas on how to improve your space. Dare to play with colors and objects, surely your house will look spectacular and very original.

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